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K-pop star Sulli, who has died aged 25, had been subject to ‘malicious’ online comments

SM Entertainment said that the late star's funeral will be kept private, and its location kept secret.

The 8 songs that broke into YouTube’s top music chart this week

The last week in September is always a big one for Green Day, but several other artists rose in popularity on YouTube this week, too.

South Korean police say 7 Brazilian women were lured into prostitution with the promise of K-pop stardom

The women were rescued after one of them managed to call the Brazilian Embassy in South Korea last month.

Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s messy divorce escalates: Actress claims husband said her ‘nipples weren’t sexy’

"My husband told me that he wanted to divorce me because my nipples weren’t sexy," she claims.

South Korean star Goo Hye Sun accuses actor husband of ‘frequent and intimate calls with other women’

Goo's lawyers say she was stressed by her husband's "lack of interest in their marriage" and "betrayal of her trust". However, she has "no desire to divorce" him, despite their agency claiming so.

Angelina Jolie’s son Maddox moves to South Korea to study at one of its most prestigious universities

Maddox is reportedly a "big K-pop fan", and learned the Korean language as part of his preparations to live there.
Members of South Korean boy band EXO perform on the stage in concert at AsiaWorld-Expo on August 10, 2019 in Hong Kong, China.

Some of China’s biggest pop stars have sided with the government in its fight against Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters

As the Hong Kong protest enters its eleventh week, Chinese pop stars have come forward to publicly express their support for Beijing,

Samsung is releasing a Blackpink Galaxy phone, watch and earbuds in Singapore – but it’ll cost fans S$1,200 a set

Samsung said that the bundle was designed to “provide fans with an immersive experience for their active lifestyle”.

Successor groups and fan volunteerism are among reasons why bands like BTS are so successful, Twitter’s K-pop expert says

A K-pop insider reveals how Korean entertainment manages to grow its success year after year.

BTS was among the highest-paid celebrities in the world last year – here’s how they made over S$77 million in 2018

Jackie Chan is on the list too with US$58 million earned - and that's just for 2018 alone.