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Solo travelers are flocking to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 10 most popular places for solo travelers in 2020

Kayak found the top spots for solo travelers in 2020, according to searches made by individual travelers on the booking platform.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is a resort town town for its beautiful beaches.

The cheapest destinations you can visit in 2020

Kayak's 2020 Travel Hacker Guide analyzed millions of flights to determine which trips from the US will be the most wallet-friendly in 2020.
November is a great time to visit Cartagena, Colombia.

The cheapest place to travel every month of 2020

Kayak broke down the top international destinations with the best deals on flights for every month of 2020.

The best kayaks

Whether it's for fishing or leisure, we've researched and tested the best kayaks. These are the best kayaks you can buy.
The kayakers were 50 feet away.

A group kayaking in Lake Superior narrowly avoided being struck by massive a collapsing cliff, and the moment was captured on video

On Monday, a group of 18 kayakers went out with Northern Waters Adventures on Lake Superior when a cliff fell in the water. No one as injured.

Relatives stay hopeful as search widens for missing Singaporean kayakers in Malaysia

The pair were kayaking with a group in Mersing, Malaysia, when their bright green kayak went missing last Thursday.
The author, Natalia Lusinski, has been living in traveling in Europe since early 2017.

I’ve been working and traveling abroad for 2 years and I never plan a trip in advance. Here are my best tips for booking travel at the last minu...

Waiting until the last minute to book your flights and housing can save you money if you know the best strategies.
A new chart from Kayak lets users see the median cost of airfare by month at a glance.

A new chart tells you the cheapest month to fly depending on your destination

Kayak has a new chart that shows the median airfare of specific travel routes over time.
The Boeing 737 Max 8.

Kayak is working on a feature that will allow users to remove specific airplane models from their searches, including the Boeing 737 Max

The travel website Kayak will introduce a feature this week that allows users to remove specific aircraft models from their searches.
Castries, St. Lucia, is the top trending winter vacation spot.

Castries, St. Lucia, is the hottest Caribbean destination right now. These 18 photos will make you want to visit.

According to new data from travel search site Kayak, Castries, St. Lucia, is the winter vacation destination of the moment.