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Salesforce founder Marc Benioff was donated $30 million to study the causes of homelessness.

Even billionaires are acknowledging that the system that created their crazy amount of wealth is unsustainable

Billionaires and financial titans like Ray Dalio and Jamie Dimon agree with people like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders that the gap between the richest and poorest in the country is too big.
220 Central Park South borders the southern edge of Central Park.

An unknown buyer just paid $34 million for a condo in the same Billionaires’ Row tower as Ken Griffin’s record-breaking $238 million penth...

Known buyers in the Billionaires' Row tower include singer Sting and his wife, hedge-fund executives Richard Leibovitch and Andrew Zaro, and Hong Kong heiress Karen Lo.
Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio.

These are the 10 best paid hedge fund managers for 2018

Beyond the one percenters lies a realm of extreme renumeration reserved for hedge fund managers.The top 10 earners brought in $7.7 billion in 2018.
Ken Griffin's $238 million NYC penthouse is the most expensive home sale in the US.

Hedge-fund manager Ken Griffin’s $238 million NYC apartment shattered the US real estate record — here’s a look at his record-settin...

Ken Griffin has bought record-breaking real estate in Chicago, Miami, and NYC — here's a look at his properties.
Ken Griffin bought the penthouse unit in New York City's 220 Central Park South.

Billionaire Ken Griffin just bought a $238 million penthouse — and it’s the most expensive home ever sold in the US

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Ken Griffin just bought an New York City penthouse for $238 million. It's the most expensive home ever sold in the US.

A hedge fund billionaire says Chicago’s roads are ‘borderline third world’

Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin said he finds US infrastructure a disgrace and worries about poor people's access to digital technology.

KEN GRIFFIN: ‘Our entire country is built on the work ethic of immigrants’

Citadel's Ken Griffin says he is "terrified" about the political hardline against immigrants in the US.

One of Ken Griffin’s senior staffers has left hedge fund giant Citadel

Karl Kroeker has left the multi-billion hedge fund titan.

Ken Griffin’s $26 billion firm has made a hire from a struggling hedge fund

The same Citadel unit that poached a team from a fund plagued by an insider trading scandal has made a hire from a separate struggling fund, Folger Hill.

Billionaire Ken Griffin: ‘We are more and more in a winner-take-all world’

He made these comments in a rare one-on-one session at the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday.