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Singaporean kidnapped and tortured in Thai forest said he paid his own ransom in Bitcoin, then used martial arts to grab a gun pointed at his head and...

The victim said he was driven to several forested locations, where his kidnappers stripped him, hit him, poured ice water over him, and administered electric shocks.

Alleged kidnap victim Chloe Ayling has quit topless modelling to launch a ‘Human Trafficking Awareness’ campaign

Celebrity agency Kruger Cowne, which arranges £20,000-per-event appearances for high-profile speakers, will help Ayling relaunch her career.

Halle Berry is in a new kidnapping thriller that looks so intense — here’s the trailer

Halle Berry stars in "Kidnap," a thriller about a mother who embarks on an epic car chase to rescue her son from a kidnapper. The trailer is now out.