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Rachel Beaton and her husband.

I’m an elementary school teacher with 3 kids at home due to the coronavirus. Here are my top 8 tips for teaching your kids at home.

When it became clear that Rachel Beaton was going to be teaching her kids at home, her first task was making a schedule.
Making playdough at home is easy, and it can last for up to three months if cared for properly.

How to make no-cook playdough with your kids in 7 easy steps

It's easy to make playdough at home, and the 5 ingredients you need may already be in your pantry. Here's how to make playdough with your kids.
Josh Gad reads "The Giving Tree."

8 celebrities helping keep kids entertained during quarantine

Parenting during a pandemic presents many challenges. Authors, actors, and artists are offering kid-friendly lessons and activities online.
Banana Panda puzzles and games are designed to help kids learn in fun and creative ways.

Banana Panda games and puzzles are fun, educational toys for toddlers that encourage cognitive development — my 19-month-old loves them

Banana Panda makes puzzles and games for toddlers that are fun, educational toys and activities. Each product is durable and designed for little hands.
Candice Hunter Kennedy's eight-year-old son, Ben, did not think much of his first day of being home schooled.

An 8-year-old’s journal entry is trending after he said homeschooling with his mom was ‘not going good’

"The first day was overwhelming to say the least!" 8-year-old Ben's mom Candice Hunter Kennedy told Insider.
There's plenty of fun, educational activities that will keep your child busy and learning.

13 easy, educational things parents can do with their kids at home, from virtual field trips to watching engaging videos online

From virtual field trips to zoos and museums to educational videos and programs that are actually fun, these activities are kid- and parent-approved.
The Thermos Foogo is an 11-ounce straw bottle that's great for encouraging young children to drink water.

I tried this straw water bottle with my toddler to encourage her to drink water, and 3 years later it’s proven great for older kids too

The Thermos Foogo Straw Bottle is the best water bottle I've found for toddlers. It's durable and has a closable top that helps prevents leaks.
My daughter loves playing with this Disney Princess-themed dollhouse.

This Cinderella-themed dollhouse has 4 stories, a spiral staircase, and plenty of accessories to immerse my daughter in play — but you’ll ...

Kids love playing with KidKraft's Cinderella Royal Dream dollhouse. It's a Disney castle with 4 stories, a spiral staircase, and fun accessories.
What they don't know won't hurt them.

We asked people to share the white lies they’ve told kids — and the answers are hilarious

Ice cream trucks play music when they're out of ice cream? Sounds right. Here are other amusing lies people have told their kids.
The cube has activities on all four sides for crawlers.

I bought this classic activity cube for my 9-month-old daughter — she still loves playing with it more than 5 months later

I love giving my daughter toys that are fun and educational. The Battat Activity Cube is a great example of one of these toys.