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Botley the Coding Robot is a STEM toy my 5-year-old son can play with independently. He likes to set up Rube Goldberg-like courses with the dominos, hammer, balls, slide, and rotating gate.

This robot teaches kids as young as 5 years old how to code without the use of screens — I recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable STEM...

A high-quality STEM toy engages your child's imagination, teaches them useful STEM concepts, and is fun— enter Botley the Coding Robot.
Starting at $36 a month, Lovevery's curated play kits for babies and toddlers help foster child development in fun ways.

My daughter loves playing with these toy kits that encourage brain development in babies and toddlers

Lovevery's curated child development play kits are meant to grow with your child. There are toy kits for every age from infants to toddlers.

My kids and I built and played with LEGO’s new City Sets, and they are more fun and engaging than ever

We built and played with the 2019 LEGO City Sets and building all the different sets was a great experience for both me and my kids.

My son never plays with any one toy for long, but he can’t get enough of this Hot Wheels toy car set — even after 5 months

The Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set is a modern take on the original car track set and can be used with other cars and Hot Wheels sets too.

15 cool and unique tech gifts for kids that are also educational

Here are 15 great tech gifts for kids younger than 10 that will have them entertained, engaged, and even educated, all through play.