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Some types of play can actually make kids smarter.

6 games for kids that will make them smarter

Games are more than an enjoyable pastime — some can actually make kids smarter. Unstructured play, art, and even bath time can help kids strategize, experiment, and explore their creative potential. Here are six games that could boost your kids' creativity and intelligence.
Scandinavian Airlines passengers.

One airline is offering free airfare for kids flying between the US and Europe — but there’s catch

Scandinavian Airlines is offering free airfare for children between the ages of two and 11 on flights between the US and the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Apple’s new iPad for schools is nearly impossible to repair

Schools may need to pay Apple or repair specialists to do routine maintenance.

Fitbit just introduced a $100 fitness tracker for kids — here’s how it works

Fitbit Ace is designed to encourage kids to be more active.

YouTube Kids is reportedly releasing a version that swaps out the algorithm for actual humans

The existing YouTube Kids app was prone to surface conspiracy theories.

Parents in the US are worried about their children’s use of smartphones

In a recent study by Common Sense Media, nearly half of the adults surveyed said that their children exhibited addictive behavior in their use of a smartphone.

13 hard truths about parenting no one wants to believe

Real parents dish on the most surprising parts of having kids — that no one wants to talk about.

12 children’s books that influenced highly successful people

Successful people like Tony Robbins and Adam Grant shared the best children's books that changed their lives.
Warby Parker's kids' glasses will be available in six different frames for the pilot.

Billion-dollar eyewear brand Warby Parker is now making glasses for kids

Kids can get their own pair of Warby Parker glasses from the brand's new collection.
Bill Gates' daughter Jennifer won't inherit much of her father's huge fortune.

The amazing life of Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer, an elite equestrian who competes against Steve Jobs’ kid and stands to inherit ‘a...

Jennifer Gates is an award-winning equestrian, a Stanford student, and the eldest daughter of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, one of the world's wealthiest men.