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They would drive 600 miles.

4 kids took their parents car and took it on a 600-mile road trip across Australia

Police say they plan to file charges against the kids at a later time after they've been questioned.
Some kids' TV shows might help your children learn about things like math or the environment.

10 shows for kids that are actually educational

Some children's television series are more beneficial than others. Here are some shows that can help your kids learn and adjust to the world.
The "rice pudding mouse" by Alexander Herrmann.

You can now get a Michelin-star meal on a Lufthansa flight — but only if you’re a kid

The German airline Lufthansa recruited a celebrity chef to create a new children's menu. The dishes were chosen by a panel of 13 kids in March.

The best mattresses you can buy for kids

Although your kids will inevitably outgrow their mattresses, they still need good options. These are the best mattresses for kids of all ages.

My 5-year-old and I played with Melissa & Doug toys and discovered the hype surrounding the company is well earned

There are several reasons parents are talking about Melissa & Doug toys — including the company's 100% happiness guarantee. Here's our full review.
Some of your parenting decisions could be causing more harm than good.

10 ways you’re sabotaging your relationship with your kids

Here are ways you could be hurting your relationship with your children and how you can change your behavior or mindset to foster a healthier bond.
He made it look easy.

Watch what happened when a father promised his 7-year-old son a PlayStation 5 if he could hit the crossbar 3 times in a row with a soccer ball

A lesson to all of the dads out there: If you dangle a next-gen game console as an incentive for doing something, your child will perform miracles.

My 5-year-old loves this interactive, augmented reality globe — he’s still playing with it 6 months later

The Shifu Orboot is a smart globe that allows kids to learn about places across the planet including global cultures, religions, geographical information, and more.
Eleven-year-old Frank doesn't stop mowing the Rose Garden lawn when the president comes out to meet him.

19 photos of Trump discovering his inner child

From the lawnmower kid meme to handing out candy for Halloween, here's President Trump interacting with kids.
A snake (not pictured) really scared the family.

A child is ‘totally unfazed’ after being bitten by a 5-foot-long snake that crawled into his home

Jenna Lees-Rolfe was making breakfast when she saw the snake in her kitchen. It really scared the family.