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This Texas couple brought their wedding to the groom's father's hospital room when he had to have emergency surgery before the ceremony.

19 photos of good deeds that will warm your heart during the cold winter months

The world isn't always a friendly place, but there are some good people out there who spread kindness just because.
Kaley Cuoco is having a bit of a week.

Kaley Cuoco teared up while thanking a stranger for returning her wallet: ‘There are good people in the world’

Kaley Cuoco teared up on Instagram while telling the story of a fan who found and returned her lost wallet without taking anything inside.
Tory Dravitzki places flower outside a mosque.

The internet is applauding a man’s raw reaction to the New Zealand mass shooting after he laid flowers at a local mosque

Tory Dravitzki said he doesn't want to "deal with any more intolerance towards Muslims," so he placed flowers outside a local mosque.
Accelerated Partners CEO Robert Glazer.

The CEO of a marketing agency grants 10 of his employees’ wishes each year instead of giving them year-end bonuses

Robert Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners, said granting employees' wishes is more valuable than a cash bonus.
The government has been shut down for 20 days.

From free pizza to complimentary movies, here are 10 heartwarming ways people are helping federal employees during the government shutdown

As federal employees go another day without pay during the government shutdown, people are offering free meals and services to those in need.
Sometimes a little bit of kindness can make a person's day.

20 people revealed the nicest thing anyone has done for them and the answers will warm your heart

Sometimes a little bit of kindness can go a long way. Redditors revealed the nicest thing anyone has done for them and how it affected them.

The star of a Netflix show on kindness shares his foolproof way to become a better person

Leon Logothetis traveled the world relying on strangers' generosity for Netflix's "The Kindness Diaries."

American teachers agree kindness is more important than good grades

A new survey from the Sesame Workshop finds teachers believe empathy is more important than academic success.

People are actually nice by default, Stanford researcher says

"Being kind is actually our first response. It is our first automatic tendency," says Emma Seppala at Stanford.