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This adorable penguin egg cooker can boil 6 eggs in 6 minutes to make breakfast a breeze

With "Egguins" you can boil and serve your eggs inside the little penguins' stomachs, and store your leftovers there as well.

21 products we were hesitant about at first but ended up really liking

Testing these products revealed that they were actually quite useful, comfortable, or stylish. They overcame our initial expectations to become some of our favorites.

The best kitchen sinks you can buy

All kitchen sinks are not created equal, and each person will have a different favorite option. Here are the best sinks we've found that you can buy.

The best spiralizers you can buy to make veggie noodles

If you love veggie noodles or want a low-carb "pasta" option, you need a great spiralizer in your kitchen. These are the best spiralizers you can buy.
Those little bumps keep your fish up and out of the grease to achieve crispy perfection.

All-Clad’s oval fish pan is my favorite for cooking whole fish — here’s why it will never leave my kitchen

There are many ways to cook fish whole, but this, fellow seafood lovers, is the best for your stovetop.

The best electric griddles you can buy

A plug-in griddle is a handy appliance for cooking great breakfasts and other foods at home. Here are the best electric griddles you can buy.

5 affordable products that save me thousands of dollars on coffee a year

I used to spend a ton of money at my local café, but since purchasing these five products, I have saved thousands of dollars a year on coffee.

Breville’s Barista Express is the best all-in-one, semi-automatic espresso machine you’ll find for under $600 — here’s everyth...

The Breville Barista Express all-in-one, semi-automatic espresso machine is the best you'll find for your home for under $500 right now.

The best blenders you can buy

Who doesn't love smoothies? Whether you want smoothies, frozen drinks, or soup, a good blender can get the job done. These are the best blenders.

The best slow cookers you can buy

If you're sick of nuking frozen meals, but you don't feel like cooking, add a slow cooker to your kitchen instead. These are the best slow cookers.