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Sears has a new slogan and logo.

Sears reveals the symbolism behind its new logo that some people are mocking and comparing to Airbnb

Sears has a new logo that is designed to represent the combination of a house and a heart.
Andrew Lippi was arrested Friday.

Days after purchasing an $8 million private island, a man was accused of stealing household goods from Kmart

Andrew Lippi was arrested Friday on charges of stealing $300 worth of goods from Kmart. The Florida man had recently purchased a private island.

The number of retail stores closing this year just doubled to more than 4,000 — here’s the full list

The record-high rate of store closures over the last couple years is expected to continue in 2019.

Eddie Lampert wins court approval to buy Sears out of bankruptcy and save 45,000 jobs

Eddie Lampert's bid will keep about 400 Sears stores open and retain about 45,000 jobs.

These haunting photos of the retail apocalypse reveal a new normal in America as Sears clings on after closing hundreds of stores

A retail apocalypse is ripping through America, leaving clearance sales and empty malls in its wake.
Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert.

Sears chairman Eddie Lampert has a net worth of $1 billion — from a $130 million yacht to a home on ‘billionaire bunker’ island, her...

Sears chairman Eddie Lampert was kidnapped in 2003, and after being held captive for 30 hours, he managed to negotiate his way to freedom.
Sears is closing 142 stores before the end of the year.

Sears is getting one last chance to save itself from oblivion

Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert's $4.4 billion takeover bid will be assessed with other parties' bids at an auction scheduled for Monday.
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett in 2006

Warren Buffett predicted the fall of Eddie Lampert and Sears over a decade ago

Warren Buffett predicted former Sears CEO Eddie Lampert would have an impossible task bringing back the retailer in 2005, years before bankruptcy.

Sears will reportedly pursue liquidation

Sears will ask a bankruptcy judge to pursue liquidation after rejecting a $4.4 billion takeover bid from its chairman, according to Reuters.

Sears is catching heat for dedicating over $25 million to exec bonuses while reportedly cutting off severance for laid-off store workers

Sears was permitted to shell out up to $25.3 million for executive bonuses by a bankruptcy court last week.