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South Korean artist Young-sung Kim is taking the photorealism genre of art to new heights by generating art that is "more real than reality."

An artist’s paintings of fish and other animals are so detailed they look just like the real thing

South Korean artist Young-sung Kim is taking photo-realism to new heights by creating paintings that he says are "more real than reality."
Over the course of three months in Asia, I encountered a variety of culture clashes.

15 culture clashes I’ve had as an American traveling in Asia

While each country had its own distinct culture and customs, I experienced many culture clashes while visiting Asia.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un greets a women's subunit during a rocket launching drill

How North Korean leader Kim Jong Un became one of the world’s most feared dictators

North Korea's threats have taken a decidedly sharper and more ominous tone under Kim Jong Un, the third supreme leader of the hermit kingdom.
People look out the window of a bus on April 2, 2011 in Pyongyang, North Korea.

1 in 10 North Koreans are forced into modern day slavery, human-rights study estimates

One out of every 10 people living in North Korea are forced into slavery, used to prop up the repressive regime and keep its population under tight control. According to the 2018 Global Slavery Index, more than 2.6 million North Koreans are subjected to forced labor and exploitation by the state.
Plastic surgery in Korea is about achieving Asian beauty standards, not Western.

People have the wrong idea about the 3 most popular procedures in South Korea, the plastic surgery capital of the world

South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgeries per capita in the world. The most popular surgeries are skin whitening, nose jobs, and double-eyelid surgery, which many critics have taken to mean that Koreans are trying to look more Caucasian or white. They're wrong. Here's why.

South Korea stops blasting propaganda into North Korea to ‘create the mood’ of peacefulness

Radio broadcasts along the border of North and South Korea operate as a type of psychological warfare between the two countries.