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Kristen Bell shared ‘Frozen 2’ spoilers with her kids then told them their teeth would fall out if they told anyone

"I told my kids everything," Bell admitted in an interview with Sirius XM radio on Wednesday, "I was in the mood to be a cool mom."
Kristen Bell visits Good Morning America on Tuesday.

Kristen Bell made a winter fashion statement by wearing 3 colorful coats in one day

Kristen Bell wore the three coats while promoting "Frozen 2" in New York City. She voices the animated character Anna in the film.
Kristen Bell the Disney animators behind "Frozen," add fart noises to the audio during production.

Kristen Bell says ‘Frozen 2’ animators troll the actors by adding random fart noises to their dialogue

On "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday night, Bell said the animators that worked on the movie had a "lot of fun" with the actors.
Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Bell gave viewers "The History of Disney Songs."

Watch Kristen Bell rattle through 17 Disney songs in 5 minutes

The "Frozen 2" star and Jimmy Fallon gave viewers "The History of Disney Songs" with plenty of props thrown into the performance.
In a 2008 interview with Marie Claire just before President Barack Obama was elected, Former First Lady Michelle Obama said exercise was important for managing her stress.

It’s International Stress Awareness Week — here’s how Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, and other leaders handle stressful situations

Tim Cook, Kristen Bell, and Michelle Obama all agree that exercise is key. Jeff Bezos recommends taking control of the stressful situation.
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard got married in 2014.

Kristen Bell was ‘shocked’ when Dax Shepard proposed, and says ‘Frozen 2’s’ Princess Anna and Kristoff could learn somet...

The actress says her now-husband was against the "idea of marriage" because his commitment to her went beyond "a piece of paper."
Kristen Bell voices Anna in the "Frozen" movie series.

Kristen Bell teases a potentially rocky future for Anna and Kristoff in ‘Frozen 2’

The actress told Insider she's "proud" to be part of the Disney animated movies that are debunking fairy tale ideas about real relationships and love.
Dax Shepard has been sober for 15 years.

Kristen Bell said her ‘mommy juice’ is Netflix and cuddling with Dax Shepard, not wine

Shepard has been sober for 15 years. While parenting is stressful, the couple finds other ways to wind down.
Kristen Bell said she eats carbs to help her memorize lines.

Kristen Bell eats a bagel every day to help her memorize lines because she says she ‘can’t do that eating spinach’

The "Veronica Mars" star makes sure her mid-morning snack includes carbs because she says it enhances her ability to remember what's in her scripts.
Kristen Bell on "Veronica Mars" season one, episode one.

THEN AND NOW: The cast of ‘Veronica Mars’ 15 years later

Kristen Bell and much of the cast recently reprised their roles for a fourth season that was released on Hulu.