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Kroger is rebranding.

The largest US supermarket is waiving grocery-pickup fees and getting a radical new look

Kroger is rebranding with the tagline "fresh for everyone" and launching a new marketing campaign featuring animated characters.

Kroger memo touts a ‘new brand’ and says ‘all will be revealed soon’ — here’s the full message

Kroger says its "old approaches aren't working" and its "new brand takes a clear stand that fresh shouldn't just be for some, it should be for all."

Leaked Kroger memo says its brand is failing and teases a major announcement coming next week

"We're trying to be everything to everyone — saying too many things in a fragmented way. And it shows," a Kroger memo states.

Kroger has reversed its ban on Visa credit cards after previously accusing the company of ‘excessive fees’ that ‘drive up food price...

Kroger is now accepting Visa credit cards at all stores, a Kroger spokeswoman told Business Insider on Wednesday.
Kroger is bringing package-delivery and pick-up services to its stores.

The largest grocery chain in the US is working with UPS, USPS, and FedEx to lure more shoppers to stores

Kroger plans to test package-delivery and pick-up services in about 220 stores in 2019, Business Insider has learned.
Kroger is one of the stores affected by the recall.

A chicken recall that hit Kroger, Walmart, and Giant has expanded to at least 83 retailers after products tested positive for listeria contamination. ...

The recalled products include sandwiches, chicken salad, and frozen meals with chicken as an ingredient, among other items.
Me, Kate Taylor, eating a wing.

The Drive-Thru: Kroger chaos, Wendy’s ghost kitchens, and KFC’s chicken wings

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Kroger workers say firings and job changes have sparked fear and ‘chaos’ in some stores

Kroger employees are worried that the company could be planning additional firings, and several complained about recent cuts to labor hours.
Kroger will stop selling vaping products.

Kroger says it will stop selling e-cigarettes and all vaping products

Kroger cited regulatory concerns as the reason for stopping the sale of e-cigarettes and vaping products.
Kroger is the largest convention grocer in the US with more than 2,800 stores.

Kroger is laying off hundreds of store managers

Kroger said it was "evaluating middle management roles and team structures with an eye toward keeping resources close to the customer."