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China mocks Kyle Bass… again

OPINION China's government has ordered banks to lower returns on wealth management products.

KYLE BASS: America’s relationship with China just took ‘a major step for the worse’

The hedge fund manager is short in China, a bet that's not working out

Kyle Bass still doesn’t understand why he’s getting smoked in China

Bass still thinks that just because a currency is worth 30% less against the dollar, it will actually fall 30% against the dollar.

Kyle Bass is thinking about inflation all wrong, wrong, wrong

Bass thinks the 1970s are coming back. The data say otherwise.

KYLE BASS: ‘We are facing the largest macro imbalance in global history’

Hayman Capital's Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager who won big on a mortgage-bubble bet, says investors must prepare for an economic crisis in China.

Kyle Bass is getting whooped by what he called a ‘massive opportunity’

Bass has been predicting a rally in oil prices since 2015, saying earlier this year that there is a "massive opportunity in energy."

KYLE BASS: There’s a ‘ticking time bomb’ in China

Hedge fund manager J. Kyle Bass, the founder of Dallas-based Hayman Capital, has a warning about a "ticking time bomb" in the Chinese banking system.

KYLE BASS: China is already out of money

"China’s back is completely up against the wall today ..."

The hedge fund manager who nailed the subprime crisis says China’s problem right now is 4 times as big

Texan hedge fund manager Kyle Bass has a dark warning about Chinese banks.