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British Airways pilots plan to strike over 3 days in September, throwing air travel into chaos

The dates were announced following weeks of negotiations between the airline and the pilots' union. The union initially voted in July for the strike.

Chaos is looming for air travel in Britain as pilots from 2 airlines prepare to go on strike

Pilots from Ryanair voted to strike just weeks after a similar vote by British Airways pilots. There are also looming strikes at London Heathrow.
An Alaska Marine Highway vessel travels through Frederick Sound, near British Columbia.

Alaska’s ‘Marine Highway’ connecting dozens of towns that have no road access has been shut down for nearly a week because of a work...

More than 4,000 passengers have been stranded as the strike comes close to entering a second week, with some trips already cancelled through August 7.
Pilots for airlines that operate Amazon's Air delivery service picketed at Amazon's annual shareholder meeting in May 2019.

A federal court just ordered the pilots who fly your Amazon Prime packages to stop ‘excessively’ calling in sick and refusing to work over...

More than three years into contract negotiations, pilots were using work slowdown techniques with names like "SHOP" and "BOOT" to force a new contract.

Uber and some of its drivers agree to settle a labor dispute for $100 million

The ride-hailing company had faced class-action disputes in California and Massachusetts.