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CEO of LaCroix maker blames ‘injustice’ for plummeting sales and promises that customers will remain loyal to the ‘LaLa feeling̵...

The CEO of LaCroix's parent company offered a bizarre apology on Thursday after sales plummeted in the most recent quarter.
La Croix.

LaCroix slams insecticide lawsuit in an over-the-top press release that calls itself a ‘cult’ deserving of ‘patriotism’

LaCroix is embracing its cult status in the face of a lawsuit that claims the drink contains artificial ingredients. "There is an unspoken phrase within a cult – 'We got each other’s back!'" Nick A. Caporella, CEO of LaCroix parent company Natural Beverages, said in a press release.

‘Please stand with us’: LaCroix slams ‘misleading’ lawsuit that links the sparkling water to insecticides

LaCroix is defending itself against a lawsuit that claims the sparkling water brand uses artificial ingredients. "Please stand with us as we defend our beloved LaCroix," the brand tweeted.
A new lawsuit claims some of LaCroix's ingredients aren't natural.

A new lawsuit claims the ingredients in LaCroix sparking water aren’t natural — here’s why you shouldn’t worry

A new class action lawsuit has alleged that LaCroix sparkling contains synthetic ingredients while claiming to be "all natural." There is some mystery about what actually goes into LaCroix's flavorings, but synthetic ingredients aren't inherently dangerous.
La Croix.

LaCroix is facing a lawsuit over the mysterious ingredient that has made it a huge hit — here’s what we know about it

LaCroix is facing a class-action lawsuit arguing that the sparkling beverage brand contains artificial ingredients, a claim LaCroix categorically denies. Still, LaCroix's use of "natural essences" has sparked questions and confusion for years.

The maker of LaCroix claims it’s seeing ‘growth never before thought possible’ — now it’s under scrutiny from regulators...

LaCroix's parent company National Beverage is coming under pressure from regulators amid claims that it's achieving "growth never before thought possible." Regulators want details around two proprietary measures that National Beverage has cited repeatedly in filings.
bubly can will have cutesy messages, such as "oh hi" on the tabs

Pepsi is copying a cult-favorite soda brand with a new drink — and it could be a $100 million win

Pepsi has a new drink that seems to be taking cues from the sparkling water brand LaCroix, which has quickly grown a cult following.