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Apple's new entry-level MacBook Pro now comes with a quad-core processor and Apple's Touch Bar.

Critics are calling Apple’s latest refreshed laptops a ‘much-needed upgrade’ — here’s what they have to say about the ne...

Critics seem to dig the new MacBook Pro and Air, praising their upgraded performance, although note a few areas that still need improvement.
Passwords and other more traditional security measures are actually not that secure, so companies have been using "behavioral biometrics," and you probably don't even know it.

Passwords are incredibly insecure, so websites and apps are quietly tracking your mouse movements and smartphone swipes without you knowing to make su...

Passwords play a relatively small role in keeping your accounts safe, and companies use "behavioral biometrics" to track your typical behavior online.

The new $400 Bose 700 wireless noise-cancelling headphones are nearly perfect

The new Bose 700 come with so many improvements that the company could have charged more than $400, but I'm glad it didn't.

The best Prime Day laptop deals — from MacBook Air laptops and Windows machines to Chromebooks

Amazon is discounting MacBooks, Windows laptops, and Chromebooks from Apple, HP, Acer, Dell, MSI, and Asus. Here are the best Prime Day laptop deals.

This $20 accessory is a must for anyone with an Apple laptop

Ten One Design's $20 side-facing plug is the best accessory you can buy for your Apple laptop — it'll save you a ton of space.

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro looks exactly the same from the outside, but the company made a bunch of changes inside that you should know about if...

You can't complain about more powerful processors, and the base model gets Touch ID, too. But there are some other changes that aren't so welcome.

Apple kills its 12-inch MacBook and launches cheaper new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models

Apple has stopped selling the 12-inch MacBook it first launched in 2015 as it releases a new 13-inch MacBook Pro and a cheaper MacBook Air.
Look how thin that MacBook is.

One of Apple’s most controversial product designs in years may have been the result of Jony Ive’s obsession with making devices thinner

Ive was too focused on making thin laptops, and it led to the Apple butterfly keyboard fiasco, a prominent Apple blogger said.

Apple may finally ditch the controversial MacBook keyboard that’s been causing issues for years

Apple will release a new MacBook Air in 2019 that will feature a new scissor keyboard as it moves away from its problematic butterfly keyboard.