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Urban Necessities made close to $21 million in sales last year, according to its founder.

How a formerly homeless sneakerhead built a multimillion-dollar resale empire starting with just $40 to his name

Here's the rags-to-riches story of the founder and co-owner of Urban Necessities, who was homeless in Las Vegas before finding success in resale.
A view of Las Vegas Strip from the Empathy Suite balcony, including Hirst-designed dotted pillars and a private Jacuzzi.

Take a look inside the most expensive hotel room in the world, a 2-story sky villa designed by Damien Hirst that runs $100,000 per night and was just ...

The most expensive hotel room in the world is a 2-story suite designed by Damien Hirst that costs $100,000 per night. Here's a look inside.
Caesars Palace has been a staple in Las Vegas since 1966.

THEN AND NOW: 23 photos of iconic casinos

From Caesars Palace to Paris Las Vegas, check out some of the world's most iconic casinos when they first opened and what they look like today.
Me in the back of a self-driving Lyft.

I took my first ride in a self-driving car, thanks to Lyft — and it was actually pretty boring, but in a good way

Lyft and Aptiv teamed up to let people at CES 2018 take a free self-driving car ride around the Las Vegas strip.