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I encountered "alien poop" on my journey to Area 51.

I tried to storm Area 51, but all I got was some lousy ‘alien poop’

After responding to the viral Area 51 event on Facebook, I actually went out to Nevada to check things out. I made it as far as the gate.
Las Vegas ranked as the most fun city in the US.

The 25 most fun cities in the US

Cities across the country were analyzed based on a number of factors including entertainment and recreation, nightlife and parties, and costs.
A view of Las Vegas Strip from the Empathy Suite balcony, including Hirst-designed dotted pillars and a private Jacuzzi.

Take a look inside the most expensive hotel room in the world, a 2-story sky villa designed by Damien Hirst that runs $100,000 per night and was just ...

The most expensive hotel room in the world is a 2-story suite designed by Damien Hirst that costs $100,000 per night. Here's a look inside.

YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul are getting married in Las Vegas this weekend, and MTV filming it all. Here’s everything we know about the ...

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau were dating for just two months before they got engaged at Mongeau's 21st birthday party in June.

These are the 20 fastest-growing US states over the last 50 years

New York has one of the largest but slowest-growing economies in the US.
George Frey/Reuters

Police in Las Vegas pulled over a driver suspected of violating carpool-lane rules. His excuse was that he had a body in the back.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, that is not a valid excuse for driving in the carpool lane as the sole living person in the car.
This looks like a carb lover's dream.

A restaurant is selling pasta-stuffed sandwiches that are a carb lover’s dream

Amano Las Vegas sells a sandwich called the Fat Baby that piles a mountain of pasta into a hollowed-out piece of toasted bread.

9 scandals that rocked the gambling industry

While some gambling cheaters managed to evade casino security for years, most found their way to a jail cell.
Not everyone would consider this China beach a "paradise for beach vacationers."

Disappointing photos show what 9 top luxury destinations look like in real life

Dubai is known for its luxury shopping and hotels, giant malls, and modern architecture, but photos show the city doesn't always live up to the hype.