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Schedule in your "relationship priorities."

A counterintuitive change to your daily schedule can make you feel happier and less busy

Schedule time to spend with friends and family in order to feel happier and less busy, says Laura Vanderkam in her new book, "Off the Clock." It's a more memorable way to pass your days than browsing social media.
Arianna Huffington in college and today.

6 successful people reveal what they wish they had known in college

Execs and entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington of Thrive, Randy Garutti of Shake Shack, and Amy Bohutinsky of Zillow share advice for their younger selves.

What makes you happy today probably won’t make you happy tomorrow, but a simple question can help you figure out what will

Schedule your days according to what will make you happy in the future, looking back. And resist the urge to simply do what feels good in the moment. That's according to time-management expert Laura Vanderkam, author of "Off the Clock."
Laura Vanderkam, author of "Off the Clock."

I just read a book that called me out on my excuses for not seeing friends, not finishing my work, and wasting time on social media — and I love...

Time is too precious to waste on browsing social media posts. Laura Vanderkam's new book, "Off the Clock," helps readers challenge their assumptions about why they don't have enough time to do what makes them happy.

I now take one day a week to do ‘fake work’ — and it’s made me a lot more productive

I've started spending a few hours every Sunday responding to emails and thinking creatively. During the week, I focus on writing and reporting.

A time-management expert says giving yourself a ‘performance review’ today can make 2017 your most productive year yet

Laura Vanderkam says mapping out everything you hope to accomplish this year will give you a sense of what you should be making time for.

Too many of us fall into the ’24-hour trap,’ and it guarantees we’ll never get anything done

Author Laura Vanderkam says a work-life balance doesn't necessarily have to happen every single day.

Here’s how to finally stop wasting your precious free time

Productivity expert and author Laura Vanderkam recommends planning in advance what you're going to do after work.

7 of the best productivity secrets I learned from the woman who wrote the book on not wasting time

Author Laura Vanderkam reveals the keys to managing a busy schedule and making time for what you love.

Working on the weekend doesn’t make you a workaholic — but it could make you less stressed

Productivity expert and author Laura Vanderkam says working on the weekends can make your week overall less stressful.