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Laurene Powell Jobs just bought a stunning $16.5 million dollar San Francisco home with some of the best views of the city

Powell Jobs, who was married to the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, purchased the four-story home this week in San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood. The house boasts six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms and sweeping panoramic views of the sprawling city.

The life and career of Steve Jobs’ wife Laurene Powell Jobs, who has become a powerful investor with a net worth of $20.7 billion

Steve Jobs' wife Laurene Powell Jobs has invested in a wide range of philanthropic enterprises and businesses.
Laurene Powell and current Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2016.

Laurene Powell Jobs will buy a major stake in Washington’s NBA and NHL teams

Steve Jobs' widow is set to be a part-owner of Washington DC's NBA and NHL teams

Laurene Powell Jobs is donating $10 million to each of these 10 innovative schools

Laurene Powell Jobs has invested $100 million to help the nation's most innovative high schools give kids a better future.

Steve Jobs sold most of his Apple stock when he was ousted from the company in 1985 — today it would be worth $66 billion

The young computer company took outside investments to get off the ground, so by the time it went public in 1980, Jobs owned about 11% of Apple.

Meet Laurene Powell Jobs, the mysterious woman who inherited Steve Jobs’ fortune

Laurene Powell Jobs inherited her late husband's $14.4 billion.