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Jaden Smith is shown holding a bottle of JUST Water.

A fiery brand war between a Silicon Valley mayo startup and Jaden Smith’s bottled water company is heating up — and one is alleging ‘...

Jaden Smith's bottled water company, Just Goods, is suing an embattled vegan mayo startup that recently changed its name from Hampton Creek to Just. Just is now alleging that Smith's company slapped Just Goods labels on products that weren't theirs as a means of boosting their claim to the name.

United slammed with a lawsuit that claims a Nigerian woman was kicked off a flight after a white passenger complained that she smelled bad

A Nigerian woman has accused United Airlines of racial discrimination in a federal lawsuit. The suit stems from a 2016 incident in which the woman was allegedly removed from a flight after a white passenger complained of her "pungent" smell.

Chipotle is being forced to pay $8 million to an ex-manager who was fired after being accused of stealing $626

Chipotle is being forced to pay a former manager nearly $8 million after she was accused of stealing $626 and fired. Jurors ordered Chipotle to pay the ex-manager millions in damages after her lawyers argued she was unfairly fired after taking medical leave due to a work-related injury.
Andre "Dr. Dre" Young.

Dr. Dre lost a trademark battle to a gynecologist in Pennsylvania called Dr. Drai

Dr. Dre lost a long-running trademark dispute last week to a Pennsylvania gynecologist who filed to trademark the name Dr. Drai, the BBC reports. Dre filed a complaint in 2015 against the gynecologist, Draion M. Burch, saying Burch's moniker would cause "confusion."
Erin Foster, Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Heard and Sara Foster at the Hive in NYC.

Tinder’s parent company is suing Bumble for allegedly copying Tinder’s technology, and now Bumble is suing it right back for allegedly cop...

Tinder, Bumble, and Tinder's parent company, Match Group, are entrenched in a complicated legal battle.

One customer is so angry L.L. Bean changed its return policy that he’s suing the company

L.L. Bean just changed its return policy, and one customer is angry enough to sue the company, claiming breach of warranty.

Rap mogul Russell Simmons accused of rape in a $5 million lawsuit

Rap mogul Russell Simmons is facing a civil lawsuit for allegedly raping filmmaker Jennifer Jarosik in August 2016.

In a settlement with couriers, Postmates will pay some drivers differently depending on what state they’re in

Postmates and its couriers reached a class-action settlement last year, but a letter to couriers reveals how the money split will work.