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Lowe's is diving right in to the holiday season.

Lowe’s is cutting hundreds of jobs and switching even more employees to its headquarters

Lowe's will lay off around 200 workers in the Charlotte area and shift 600 other full-time employees to its headquarters.

More than 2,400 people lost their jobs in a media landslide so far this year

The media industry has been rocked by layoffs that claimed over 2,400 jobs since the beginning of January.
Bed Bath & Beyond reportedly laid off workers this week.

Bed Bath & Beyond is laying off workers as the company weathers an activist-investor attack

Bed Bath & Beyond laid off workers this week. Sales have slid in recent years, and it has been accused of failing to adapt.
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

Another group of older ex-employees are suing IBM alleging it targeted older workers for layoffs

Four former employees are suing IBM, alleging it targeted older workers for layoffs, challenging the arbitration agreement they were given.
Larry Ellison co-founded Oracle in 1977.

Oracle quietly held a round of layoffs this week

Oracle had layoffs on Thursday, with some anonymous message-board users saying they seemed to have been significant.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is under fire from some of his fans for donations he made to a Republican political committee.

Tesla just laid off 150 recruitment workers as part of its broader cost cutting

The job cuts amounted to about a third of its recruitment team.
Macy's is cutting 100 jobs as part of a restructuring plan.

Macy’s is cutting 100 management jobs as part of a restructuring plan that it expects to save $100 million annually

Macy's says it's cutting 100 management jobs as part of a restructuring plan.
Pepsi shot down rumors it is considering a move into the cannabis business.

PepsiCo is laying off corporate employees as the company commits to millions of dollars in severance pay, restructuring, and ‘relentlessly autom...

PepsiCo has kicked off a round of layoffs impacting employees in multiple offices, two people who were laid off by the company told Business Insider.
"The layoffs are happening at the wrong end of the spectrum," one anonymous poster wrote.

Home Depot is laying off installation workers across the US

Home Depot is set to let go of installation workers across its US-based stores.

Vice Media is cutting 10% of its staff, or 250 people, as revenue slows

The cuts come as the company's transitions from web sites to film and TV production and branded content.