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The youngest woman ever elected to New York State government still feels uncomfortable getting ‘special treatment’ for being a senator. Th...

The 28-year-old Julia Salazar sat down with Business Insider to describe the unique experience she's had as a leader thus far.

Gap’s CEO just stepped down. Here are the 30 most dramatic exits in a record-breaking year for CEO departures.

The first months of 2019 surpassed the number of CEO departures seen in the same time span during the 2008 recession.
Julia Wuench.

Imposter syndrome is bad for employees and for business. Here are 3 ways leaders can stop it in its tracks.

Executive coach Julia Wuench says that imposter syndrome can result in inefficient use of time and resources, which leads to real costs to companies.
Corporate CEOs are getting older, data shows.

Corporate America is seeing a spike in the age of CEOs being hired — and yes, they’re overwhelmingly white men

The data suggests businesses still have a lot of work to do to increase racial diversity at the top.

The best decision I ever made as a leader was choosing to make my role obsolete

Nancy Richardson shares in her book "Work Freely: Love Your Job. Love Your Life." that she was a poor leader until she changed one simple thing.
John R. Brandt.

A CEO explains the 4 ‘big innovation jobs’ every leader should take on to successfully grow their business

In his book "Nincompoopery," John Brandt, the CEO and founder of The MPI Group, says there are four ways leaders can deliver more value to customers.

WOMEN-OWNED-BUSINESS MONTH: Women entrepreneurs share their top tips and strategies for running their companies, and how to be a successful leader

Business Insider profiled female entrepreneurs, interviewed experts, and reviewed research highlighting major opportunities and challenges.
Mark Hurd

Late Oracle CEO Mark Hurd explained to us one of the unspoken attributes of a great leader

The late Oracle CEO Mark Hurd told us why he instilled a culture of mentoring into the tech company.
Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff.

How a mortifying ‘omen’ ended Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s $20 billion deal to buy Twitter

The Salesforce CEO wanted to buy Twitter until an 'omen' literally knocked him off his feet and the deal ended.

A CEO who writes 9,200 employee birthday cards a year explains the value of gratitude

BELFOR CEO Sheldon Yellen has been writing employees birthday cards since 1985. He says the gesture goes a long way toward a healthy company culture.