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Rockets and Lakers brawl in LeBron James’ LA debut and one video appears to show Rajon Rondo spitting on Chris Paul

Several players could be suspended for their role in Saturday night's brawl between the Rockets and Lakers.

LeBron James announced his arrival to the Lakers with a thunderous dunk

LeBron James didn't take long to set the tone for his season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

New Lakers teammate LeBron James inspires Kyle Kuzma on and off the court

This offseason, LeBron James opened a school for children at risk of falling behind in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. At 23 years old, Lakers teammate Kyle Kuzma dreams of someday having an equally profound impact on his hometown of Flint, Michigan.
Despite having one of the best season's of his career, LeBron James wasn't named the NBA's Most Valuable Player. But is he still the best player in the league?

Basketball season is here: Here are the 10 best NBA players, according to the ‘NBA 2K19’ video game

2K Games, the creator of the brand-new 'NBA 2K19,' has used more than 30 different attributes to determine the top players for the 2018-19 NBA Season.
Beyonce — pictured here with Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian West in 2012 — was named the most politically divisive celebrity in the US.

Beyoncé, Sean Hannity, and LeBron James lead the list of most politically divisive celebrities in the US

Beyoncé, Sean Hannity, and LeBron James are the most polarizing celebrities in the US, according to a new poll published by research group Morning Consult on Monday. Hannity and Rush Limbaugh were the only ones that Republicans favored more than Democrats. Beyoncé endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Photos of what the NBA’s biggest stars looked like when their careers started

In a league where so many players come and go, it can be fun to revisit just how far some of the NBA's best players have come.

Nearly 3 months later, the biggest topic around the NBA is LeBron James’ move to the Lakers and how it’s changed the league

LeBron James' reign in the Eastern Conference is over. Now, teams in the East are talking about their easier path forward, while teams in the West know the conference just got tougher for everyone.

LeBron James needs to make a shift in his playing style to fit the Lakers plans, but there’s still a major question mark

LeBron James has, historically, not played the way his Lakers team wants to. If James isn't willing to play fast, give up the ball, and go in the post, the fit may prove to be as awkward as it looks on paper.
HBO Sports' Executive Vice President Peter Nelson.

HBO Sports exec says the future of the network will be ‘high access, high ambition’ programming now that it’s dropping boxing after ...

After the shocking news on Thursday that HBO is dropping its coverage of boxing after 45 years, HBO Sports head Peter Nelson told Business Insider his plan for the future.