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From Bill Clinton to Julius Caesar, here are 12 world leaders who were left-handed

August 13 is International Left Handers Day. Though left-handers make up just 10% of the world, many of them have very important jobs.

The reason some people are left-handed could have nothing to do with the brain

The answer to why some people are left handed could lie in your spinal cord, according to some research.
Jay Leno is left-handed.

16 little ways that the world is designed for right-handed people

Lefties have to endure lots of little struggles in a world designed for the right-handed, from swiping credit cards to cutting with scissors.
Left-handed people may be more creative, perform better athletically, and have certain health benefits.

5 ways being left-handed can positively affect your life

Left-handed people face daily challenges that their right-handed counterparts never have to worry about, like hand smudges while writing and using scissors made for righties. Though left-handed people may seem at a disadvantage, their handedness may lead them to be more creative and better athletes.
Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are both left-handed.

8 presidents you had no idea were left-handed

Only a small number of United States presidents have been left-handed since the founding of the country, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

8 astounding facts about a great scientific mystery that affects only 10% of the population

About 10% of the human population is left-handed, yet no one knows for sure why lefties are so rare.

Scientists say left-handed people may be smarter in one key way

What could you do with a pole and a tin can?