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15 things I wish I knew before becoming a dad

When it comes to children, the only certain things about them is that they’ll cry, they’ll poop and repeat.
Check out our favorite words of wisdom.

The best life advice of 2017

In the past year, experts have shared their wisdom on everything from parenting to organization. Here are the seven most profound — and practical — insights.

‘Make a choice, make it happen’: Hilary Swank’s practical advice to her younger self

Hilary Swank spoke to Man Repeller about her routine, her new fashion line, and her advice for her younger self.

Librarians recommend the books you should read in each decade of your life

Who better than the world's biggest book lovers to recommend the titles you should be reading?

Parents are spending more time with their kids than ever — and it could be setting them up for failure

Compared to 50 years ago, mothers are spending twice as much time with kids while fathers spend four times as much. Could there be a downside?