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There are things you can do every day to maintain a happy life.

18 people share the one thing they do every day to make their lives better

These everyday habits may be small, but they can make a real impact on your mood and mindset. From meditation and spending time with loved ones to eating high end chocolate and dancing, here's how 18 people maintain happy, productive, and successful lives.

5 things you’re doing every day that could be hurting your eyes, even if you think you have perfect vision

Your eyes are precious, but people often take them for granted by avoiding eye exams or staring at screens for too long. We know that looking directly into the sun can hurt our eyes, but what else are we doing to harm our eye health without realizing it?

Too much or too little sleep are both bad for our health, according to a new study — further evidence that it’s our body clock that counts...

A new study suggests both too much and too little sleep are bad for our health. But it might be that people are out of sync with their body clocks, rather than there being an optimal amount of sleep everyone needs to get.
Your smartphone may be negatively impacting your life.

12 ways your smartphone is making your life worse

The smartphone has changed our lives for the better in some ways, but it definitely has its drawbacks, too. Smartphone use could be negatively impacting your sleep, relationships, and productivity. Here, a clinical psychologist weighs in about the many negative impact smartphones have on our lives.

5 common habits you didn’t realize were embarrassing

Embarrassing habits can be subtle, and you may not even realize you're embarrassing yourself. Here are five things you may be doing every day that you didn’t know were embarrassing, according to management consultant and professor Ben Baran.
Though every parent strives to be the best they can, there are times when we look back and think, “I should’ve done that differently.”

The 4 biggest mistakes I made before my kid turned 5

Parenthood has its ups and downs, especially the first time around. Though every parent strives to be the best they can, there are times when we look back and think, “I should’ve done that differently.” Here are the 4 biggest mistakes that I made before my kid turned 5.
Nine NYC hotspots you should definitely hit on your next trip.

I’m an NYC local — here are 9 things you should see and skip when you visit

New York City is home to nearly endless attractions — here's what you should make sure not to miss when you're there.
The keto diet helped Jennifer Still start eating healthy, delicious food.

I struggled with weight for most of my life — but the keto diet is the one thing that finally worked

The keto diet helped author Jennifer Still after years of struggling with weight loss. After four years, the keto diet has not only helped her shed pounds, but has also changed her life in significant ways — here's how.
Some couples may be happier in their marriages if they maintain a level of independence — including separate bank accounts.

I keep my money separate from my spouse — and it’s key to happiness in our marriage

Couples sometimes think that they need to share everything in marriage — including money. However, having separate finances allows you to be in control of your money, reduces the stress of having a joint bank account, and allows you to have some fun with your money without guilt.

I said ‘no’ to every non-essential request in my life for a week — here’s what happened

I’m a giver and like to make people happy, but over the years I've learned that my time is valuable and sometimes I have to say no. After all, I’m juggling a full-time job, freelance deadlines, and an active social life. Here's what happened when I said no to every non-essential request for a week.