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This brand new designer co-working space in Singapore has a bar – and it’s focused on giving users a better lifestyle

Gather has its own feature bar, fully-furnished and customisable offices as well as a host of social events for its members.
From special events to private tours, here are some of the most luxurious and expensive things you can do at Disney World.

10 of the most luxurious things you can do at Disney World

From special events to private tours, here are some of the most luxurious and expensive things you can do at Disney World.
At a sashimi dinner, your tuna, soy sauce, and wasabi could all be knock-offs of the real thing — even at an upscale restaurant.

10 imposter foods you’re eating that aren’t what they say they are

So-called imposter foods are more popular than you think. Your tuna, soy sauce, and wasabi could all be knock-offs, even at an upscale restaurant.
This art installation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, was made from 168,037 plastic straws.

25 of the wildest Guinness World Records set in 2019

Records set in 2019 include the world's oldest woman at age 116, an 8,000-pound teddy bear, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Instagram account.
The weather and climate of your home can have a large impact on your skin.

You should be adjusting your skin-care routine to where you live. Here’s how.

You may know that stress can affect your skin or that what you eat can cause breakouts. But where you live can drastically impact your skin.
These luxury cruise cabins offer amenities such as private decks, saunas, and even butlers to attend to your every need.

7 of the most luxurious cruise cabins in the world

These luxury cruise cabins are truly fit for a king. Check out these gorgeous photos of the most expensive cruise rooms available.
Vegetables aren't just good for you — they're tasty, too.

What 11 vegetarian dishes look like across the world

From the cheesy to the lighter fare, you can try these vegetarian-friendly dishes all over the world.
The modern, three-story house has a communal living space on the ground floor and private bedrooms upstairs.

7 best girlfriends made a promise to retire together and spent $580,000 building their dream home years before they move in

At first, retiring together was a joke, but the best friends later decided that "girls shouldn't wait until 30 years later" to decide where to retire.
Major companies like Disney, Norwegian, Carnival, and Celebrity offer member loyalty programs.

7 of the best cruise ship loyalty programs to join

Before you hit the high seas, it would behoove you to explore what cruise ship loyalty programs are available to you.
"When your date is easily distracted and finding more interest in what's going on around them, that should be a clear sign that they're not that interested in you or a second date," Hanson said.

9 signs they don’t want a second date, according to experts

Heading on a first date can initially be exciting for both parties, but sometimes, it doesn't always end that way.