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Trump said he wants the US economy reopened by Easter.

Trump’s plan to reopen the economy by Easter could cause more damage in the long run, according to LinkedIn’s top US economist

"There's no economy without people, so getting them healthy is the way to get the economy off the ground," said LinkedIn Economist Guy Berger.
Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter are joining forces to fight coronavirus misinformation.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Reddit, and Twitter just said they’re working together to fight coronavirus misinformation

Facebook and other social-media companies are joining with health agencies to combat fraud and elevate accurate information about the coronavirus.

Vermont’s attorney general is suing a controversial facial recognition app that uses images scraped from social media to create a database for p...

The controversial facial recognition app runs a searchable database of faces scraped from social media, and has been used by police and the wealthy.
LinkedIn has 5,500 full-time employees in the Bay Area.

LinkedIn is recommending all Bay Area employees work from home until the end of March due to concerns over coronavirus

The Microsoft-owned company told its employees to work from home through the end of March as concerns grow over the coronavirus outbreak.
From left: Twitter's Dalana Brand, Salesforce's Tony Prophet, Netflix's Vernā Myers, and LinkedIn's Rosanna Durruthy.

PRESENTING: 10 diversity leaders who are fighting inequality in top companies like Netflix, Salesforce, and Microsoft

These power players are helping break the glass ceiling and tear down racial barriers, all while pushing for more opportunities in corporate America.

Meet Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn’s next CEO who was Jeff Weiner’s first hire back in 2009

Roslansky and Weiner first met in 2001 at Yahoo, and Weiner has said that the new CEO was instrumental to LinkedIn's success.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is stepping down and will be replaced by the exec in charge of product

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is stepping down after 11 years. He will be replaced by Ryan Roslansky, a senior vice president in charge of product.

Here’s why an AI expert says job recruiting sites promote employment discrimination

Data science consultant Cathy O'Neil said job platforms need to be more transparent about how their algorithms work.
Here are the skills to add to your resume right now.

The 10 most important skills you’ll need to nail a high-paying job in 2020

New skills like learning blockchain, the technology that enables cryptocurrency, and affiliate marketing made the list for the first time.

The ‘PayPal Mafia’ formed in the early 2000s, and includes everyone from Elon Musk to the Yelp founders. Here’s where the original m...

What do the founders of YouTube, Yelp, Tesla, and LinkedIn have in common? A common resume line item: employment at PayPal.