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Scorned Facebook and Twitter users are flocking to LinkedIn to spew hate speech, MAGA memes, and misinformation

LinkedIn has become the social network to turn to for Donald Trump supporters who are being kicked off Facebook and Twitter for false and abusive posts, Buzzfeed News reports.

Most people know not to use a selfie as their LinkedIn photo — but an analysis of 2,000 LinkedIn profiles found they’re surprisingly commo...

An analysis by employee screening firm JDP found that about 9% of LinkedIn profiles featured selfies, and 15% of headshots were cropped from a group shot.
It can benefit the employee and the organization.

Top tech companies like Netflix and LinkedIn say they have no problem with employees interviewing for other jobs — in fact, they might want to h...

The best management strategy is encouraging employees to be open about next steps in their career, according to companies like Netflix and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is using AI to make recruiting diverse candidates a no-brainer

LinkedIn is announcing new artificial intelligence features to help recruiters hire more diverse candidates.
LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner participates in a question-and-answer interview during the seventh annual Washington Ideas Forum at the Harman Center for the Arts October 1, 2015 in Washington, DC.

LinkedIn, a Microsoft company, bought an employee surveying company in a deal said to be valued at over $400 million

LinkedIn, a Microsoft subsidiary, announced its acquisition of the employee software company Glint on Monday for a reported price of over $400 million. Glint specializes in employee surveys measuring satisfaction with management, compensation, and other internal issues.

How to get a job at Netflix, and what it’s like to work there

Netflix is famous for its unique company culture. Drawing from a recent LinkedIn Q&A with Netflix and from a 2016 Reddit AMA from a Netflix employee, we've compiled a list of quotes on Netflix's hiring process and company culture.
Netflix says its employees have the freedom to do whatever they deem necessary to help the business. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is pictured.

Netflix says the best thing about working there is also the worst

Netflix held a Q&A on LinkedIn about getting hired and working at the company. When someone asked about the best and worst things about working at Netflix, the company responded they were the same thing: the freedom and responsibility to prioritize projects you think are most important.
Here's how not to get a job on LinkedIn.

9 mistakes you’re making on LinkedIn that are putting off recruiters and making it harder to find a job

It's important to know how to get a job on LinkedIn, but you might be making a slew of mistakes on LinkedIn. Amongst nine of the biggest mistakes: Having an unprofessional headshot and not posting enough updates. Keep reading for a look at what not to do on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn says these 5 jobs are huge right now – and here’s where they hire from

Jobs that sounded obscure and niche yesterday are commonplace today.
Be careful with what you post on LinkedIn.

8 things you should never put on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a space to showcase and further your career development. But there are a number of major mistakes that you should avoid including on your account. Keep reading below to learn what you should never put on your LinkedIn profile.