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How to get a job at Netflix, and what it’s like to work there

Netflix is famous for its unique company culture. Drawing from a recent LinkedIn Q&A with Netflix and from a 2016 Reddit AMA from a Netflix employee, we've compiled a list of quotes on Netflix's hiring process and company culture.
Netflix says its employees have the freedom to do whatever they deem necessary to help the business. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is pictured.

Netflix says the best thing about working there is also the worst

Netflix held a Q&A on LinkedIn about getting hired and working at the company. When someone asked about the best and worst things about working at Netflix, the company responded they were the same thing: the freedom and responsibility to prioritize projects you think are most important.
Here's how not to get a job on LinkedIn.

9 mistakes you’re making on LinkedIn that are putting off recruiters and making it harder to find a job

It's important to know how to get a job on LinkedIn, but you might be making a slew of mistakes on LinkedIn. Amongst nine of the biggest mistakes: Having an unprofessional headshot and not posting enough updates. Keep reading for a look at what not to do on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn says these 5 jobs are huge right now – and here’s where they hire from

Jobs that sounded obscure and niche yesterday are commonplace today.
Be careful with what you post on LinkedIn.

8 things you should never put on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a space to showcase and further your career development. But there are a number of major mistakes that you should avoid including on your account. Keep reading below to learn what you should never put on your LinkedIn profile.
At least 500 million people use LinkedIn.

This simple LinkedIn trick will help potential employers find you when you’re on the job hunt

If you're looking for a job on LinkedIn, a simple tweak to your profile might boost your chances of finding one. Making sure that you have a current position listed — even if you're not currently employed — will make you more likely to show up in the search results of potential employers.
You can use LinkedIn to find a job.

9 expert-backed ways to use LinkedIn to find a job

With more than 500 million users and 10 million job listings, LinkedIn can be a great resource for finding a job. LinkedIn experts shared their best tips for finding a job on the platform, from how to get a referral to the best way to reach out to potential employers.
With Bachman gone, fan favorite Jian Yang gets more screen time.

San Francisco’s housing market is so out of control, 60% of tech workers say they can’t afford homes

The San Francisco Bay Area's housing market is so bleak, even tech workers are struggling to buy homes. A survey by Blind found that 59% of employees at Bay Area tech companies said they cannot afford to purchase a house.
Facebook employees have access to free snacks at the Menlo Park office, but employees in Mountain View will have to eat off site.

Cayenne pepper ginger shots, homemade lemon tarts, and Michelin-starred chefs — here’s what employees at Silicon Valley’s biggest te...

San Francisco's proposal banning the new construction of on-site cafeterias, which would offer employees free food, wouldn't touch companies with existing subsidized meal plans. Here are the gourmet perks Silicon Valley employees are currently offered.
LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman has been a board member at PayPal, Airbnb, and Microsoft over the years.

LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman boils down his rule for hiring a replacement when a company has ‘the wrong CEO’

LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman reveals what he looks for in candidates for CEO when a company's board of directors has lost faith in the current CEO's ability to succeed. This interview originally appeared in Elad Gil's new book, "High Growth Handbook."