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Indonesia finds cockpit voice recorder of crashed Lion Air jet

The cockpit voice recorder is one of the two so-called black boxes crucial for the investigation of a plane crash. 
Families and colleagues of victims of Lion Air flight JT 610 cry on deck of Indonesian Navy ship KRI Banjarmasin during visit and pray at the site of the crash on November 6, 2018 in Karawang, Indonesia. Indonesian investigators said on Monday the airspeed indicator for Lion Air flight 610 malfunctioned during its last four flights, including the fatal flight on October 29, when the plane crashed into Java sea and killed all 189 people on board. The Boeing 737 plane crashed shortly after takeoff as investigators and agencies from around the world continue its week-long search for the main wreckage and cockpit voice recorder which might solve the mystery.

Black box reveals the futile struggle between pilots and computer inside the cockpit of doomed Lion Air Flight 610

The pilots of Lion Air Flight 610 struggled with a malfunctioning automated flight system, new black-box data reviewed by The New York Times shows.

Boeing is coming under pressure for allegedly failing to warn pilots about a safety feature at the center of the Lion Air disaster

The search for victims of flight JT610 is over, but officials are still seeking a second black box that recorded the final moments inside the cockpit.

An Indonesian woman who lost her fiance in the Lion Air crash went ahead with the wedding alone to fulfil his last wish

"There is sadness that I cannot describe, but I have to smile for you. I shall not mourn. I have to stay strong like you always told me," Intan said.

Indonesia says situation facing crew of doomed Lion Air jet not in flight manual

Indonesian investigators said on Monday more training was needed for Boeing 737 MAX pilots.

The US government has ordered airlines to instruct pilots flying Boeing’s 737 MAX on how to handle the potentially deadly flaw that may have cau...

The FAA has issued an emergency airworthiness directive for airlines operating the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 737 MAX 9 airliners.

Lion Air plane crashes into lamp pole on Indonesian airport runway

It was carrying 145 passengers.
An Indonesian diver died while searching for wreckage from the downed Lion Air flight. Here, search and rescue personnel prepare to retrieve the plane victims' bodies on Tuesday.

An Indonesian diver died looking for wreckage from the downed Lion Air jet

Officials believe Syachrul Anto, 48, died from decompression. His family has reportedly chosen not to have an autopsy conducted.
Indonesian divers reported seeing the main wreckage of the Lion Air jet that crashed into the Java Sea on Monday. Here rescuers unload debris from the jet at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta on November 3, 2018.

Main wreckage from Lion Air plane reportedly found and cockpit voice recorder may be on the way

Officials want to know why a near-brand new Boeing plane crashed 13 minutes after takeoff in good weather. All 189 people on the plane are presumed dead.
A pilot made an urgent "Pan-Pan" call to signal technical problems with the Lion Air plane one day before it crashed, on a separate flight. Here, a stock image of a Lion Air plane.

The Lion Air plane that fatally crashed into the sea issued a distress call the previous day

The pilot who flew the plane from Bali, Indonesia, on Sunday night made an urgent "pan-pan" call due to technical problems on board, Reuters said.