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Just because you're making eye contact doesn't mean you're truly listening.

12 signs you’re a bad listener — even if you think you aren’t

Making eye contact and nodding along when someone talks to you doesn't necessarily make you a good listener. Here are signs you may be a bad listener.
Better communication starts with better listening. Author not pictured.

I’m a CEO and the most underrated business skill is one most people are terrible at

To master communication skills, you need to actively listen when having a conversation. Doing so will not only help you engage your coworkers and build better relationships, it'll also help your business.

The scientific reason we hear a sentence like a song when it’s repeated over and over

If you hear the same sentence over and over, it can start to sound tuneful. Scientists from the University of Kansas have conducted a study to try and work out why this is.

The trick to being a great conversationalist could be the ‘best-friend face’

Bill McGowan, a communications coach who wrote "Pitch Perfect," says too many people look confused or uninterested while they're listening to someone talk.

I just learned a simple conversation technique that makes me a better reporter, friend, and coworker

During a workshop developed at Google, I learned how to use "mindful conversation" in everyday life.

You’re right, nobody listens to you — here’s why

We've become a nation of phone zombies with average attention spans of 8.25 seconds — less than a goldfish.