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A deer in Japan’s famous Nara Park died with 3.2kg of plastic in its stomach

The veterinarian in charge of the autopsy said that it was "unusual to see such a large amount" of garbage in the stomach of the deer.

Singapore takes littering so seriously that someone was slapped with a S$300 fine for shooting a couple of rubber bands onto a road

A photo of the hefty ticket has triggered a flood of cheeky comments from amused netizens.

Singaporeans take pride in keeping the city clean – and more than half will tell those around them not to litter, survey finds

72 per cent of respondents would hold on to litter until they are able to find a bin.
A trash can on Market Street in San Francisco.

San Francisco streets are so dirty, the city is spending nearly $300,000 on trash bins that send a warning when they’re overflowing

San Francisco is installing sensors on 1,000 trash bins in an effort to curb littering and illegal dumping.

Watch where you light up – new thermal cameras can catch illegal smoking, as well as spitting and littering

Thermal cameras are being installed to catch those who smoke illegally.