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Wegmans, Amazon, and Patagonia top the list of most liked companies — employees explain why they have such a cult following

Amazon, Patagonia, and Wegmans all made The Harris Poll's 2019 ranking of companies with the best reputations.

‘Serial returners’ are on the rise — and it’s causing headaches for retailers like Walmart and Target

"Serial returners" are customers with a penchant for frequently returning items. These shoppers cause massive headaches for the retail industry every year — especially around the holidays.

L.L. Bean cancelled its blockchain and sensor experiment amid layoff announcements

The project would have been one of the first blockchain experiments by a major clothing retailer.
Many retailers that sell guns are changing their policies.

Here are all of the retailers that have stopped selling assault-style rifles and changed firearm policies following gun-control activists’ prote...

Some of the largest retailers in America, including Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods, are changing their gun-sales policies.
L. L. Bean

LL Bean has raised the minimum age to buy a gun — and it’s part of a trend that’s sweeping the industry

L.L. Bean has followed the lead of Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods and raised its minimum age for gun sales to 21.

One customer is so angry L.L. Bean changed its return policy that he’s suing the company

L.L. Bean just changed its return policy, and one customer is angry enough to sue the company, claiming breach of warranty.

Greedy customers ruined L.L. Bean’s return policy for everyone else

By taking advantage of the very generous policy L.L. Bean offered, greedy customers have ruined it for the rest of its shoppers.

L.L. Bean just changed its return policy — but there’s a huge loophole for some customers

You can still return old items if you can prove you purchased them.

I tested L.L. Bean’s legendary return policy by exchanging 4-year-old shoes — and it’s obvious why the company changed it

I saw how easily L.L. Bean's return policy could be used, and how ripe it was for abuse.

L.L. Bean just made a drastic cut to its legendary return policy

In a letter to customers, L.L. Bean announced it will change its lifetime "satisfaction guaranteed" warranty to cover one year only.