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Logan Paul pondering the shape of the planet.

Logan Paul released a trailer for his documentary about flat earth truthers after the community disavowed him

Logan Paul released a trailer for his YouTube documentary titled "Flat Earth: To the Edge and Back," about people who believe the Earth is flat.
Logan Paul appears to be the subject of a mural depicting him committing suicide.

People are upset with a Los Angeles mural apparently depicting Logan Paul being hanged

A mural in Los Angeles appears to depict YouTube star Logan Paul during his infamous "suicide forest" video being hanged.
A screenshot of Noah Centineo's now-deleted retweet, in which he voiced his support for Logan Paul.

Noah Centineo stood up for problematic YouTuber Logan Paul, and the internet is breaking up with the actor

The "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" star praised Logan Paul, the YouTuber who filmed a dead body in Japan's "suicide forest."

11 of the most controversial celebrities of 2018

Many celebrities cause controversy, simply by nature of their fame — but some controversies are far more consequential than others.

The 10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2018 include the Paul brothers and a 7-year-old toy reviewer — here’s the full list

From trick shots and video games to makeup and toy reviews, YouTube's highest-paid stars are raking in more than $14 million each.

Logan Paul is buying a theory that YouTube is censoring him — but YouTube said it isn’t true

YouTuber Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem has claimed that videos tagged 'Logan Paul' receive fewer views.
Qorygore and Logan Paul in Japan's Aokigahara "suicide forest."

Another YouTube star took a video of a dead body in a Japanese ‘suicide forest’

YouTube star Qorygore posted a video of a dead body in a Japanese suicide forest, less than a year after Logan Paul did the same thing.

YouTube star Logan Paul says he lost $5 million because of the ‘suicide forest’ video controversy

YouTube star Logan Paul said he lost $5 million after he was removed from Google's preferred program, after he uploaded the "suicide forest" video.
Logan Paul has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube.

Logan Paul says he’s not going anywhere: ‘Good luck trying to cancel me’

The YouTube star discussed his infamous "suicide forest" video in a new interview. He said he won't quit the video platform because "creating" is his "passion."
Logan Paul (left) and Aaron Paul (no relation) were apparently friends at one point.

Logan Paul says ‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul was his friend — and the actor’s response to the ‘suicide forest’ v...

Logan Paul discussed his infamous "suicide forest" video with The Hollywood Reporter, including the backlash he received from viewers and celebrities.