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Consuelo Madrigal, Red Hat's brand manager in Latin America, shows off her new Red Hat tattoo.

Red Hat is getting a new logo ahead of its acquisition by IBM, and six employees have already gotten tattoos of it

Red Hat updated its "shadowman" logo after as it prepares to be acquired by IBM. Six employees have already gotten tattoos of the new logo.
McDonald's almost overhauled its packaging and signage back in 1973.

McDonald’s rejected designs from the ’70s could have completely changed the way the fast-food chain looks today

Employees at Rochester Institute of Technology's Vignelli Center for Design Studies found prototypes from a 1973 pitch to overhaul McDonald's image.
The logo on a Jif peanut butter jar is stranger than it seems.

Someone figured out that the Jif peanut butter logo looks almost exactly the same upside down — and it will blow your mind

People on the internet were shocked to discover that the the label on a jar of Jif peanut butter looks the same when it is flipped upside down. It seems that many also falsely remember Jif peanut butter being called Jiffy — and there's a peculiar reason why.

It looks like Nintendo could release a miniature Nintendo 64 console to compete with the new Sony PlayStation Classic

A trademark filing in Europe filed in 2017 points to Nintendo making a miniature Nintendo 64 with a game library built-in, along the lines of the NES Classic Edition.
A sign advertising deals for Prime members in a Whole Foods store.

Amazon has been quietly evolving Prime’s look, and it signifies massive changes to the service

As Amazon Prime goes beyond Amazon and into places like Whole Foods, the company has dropped the word Amazon from Prime altogether. It has also changed its branding from the typical Amazon orange to a more calming blue.

Papa John’s CEO shares the fascinating story of how his $2.2 billion business got its name: ‘I owe someone $16,000 worth of free pizzaR...

In high school, he worked at Rocky's, a pizza and sub shop in his hometown of Jeffersonville, Indiana, where he first fell in love with making pizza.

QUIZ: Do you know why these brands chose their famous colors?

Do you know why Coca-Cola chose red and white or why the Starbucks Siren is green? Test your knowledge with our quiz.