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Take a look at the massive, sleek $2.6 billion stadium the Rams and Chargers will call home

The LA Stadium will host Chargers and Rams games and comes with retail and residential space.

NFL Week 17 playoff scenarios — It is 6 teams for 3 spots

There's still plenty left to be settled before the NFL postseason can get started next week — here are the six teams still fighting for a spot in the playoffs.

Chargers receiver makes baffling decision on punt return, gets tackled in end zone for a safety after running backward

Travis Benjamin ran backward to avoid Patriots defenders on a punt return and ended up in his own end zone.

Eagles fans took over Los Angeles stadium with Chargers still struggling to attract supporters

In their first season in Los Angeles, the Chargers are struggling to fill the smallest stadium in the NFL

It’s rare for 0-2 NFL teams to make the playoffs — here’s who has the best chance to pull it off this year

For most, the rarity of making the playoffs can just be chalked up to bad teams being bad. But not all 0-2 teams are the same.

A Chargers fan raised $10,000 to buy a billboard outside team’s new LA home ripping the NFL

Joseph MacRae was devastated when his beloved Chargers left San Diego for the StubHub Center, and he's responding in a creative way.

It only took 5 minutes for a referee to get the Los Angeles Chargers’ new name wrong

It might take a while for people to get used to the Chargers' new name.

The Broncos made a key adjustment after ‘icing’ the kicker that allowed them to block the Chargers’ potential tying field goal

Icing the kicker doesn't often work, but in the Broncos' case, it allowed them extra time to come up with the adjustment to prevent a Chargers field goal.

Los Angeles is still struggling to attract football fans as the Rams played their season-opener in a half-empty stadium

After pushing to move two teams to Los Angeles, Sunday of Week 1 showed the Rams struggling to draw fans

The Chargers’ first 2 games in LA drew meager crowds, and it could be a troubling sign

It's only preseason, but the Los Angeles Chargers haven't even filled out the 27,000-seat Stub Hub Center in their first two preseason games.