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The Coyotes tried to troll the Kings by hanging the team’s ‘jinxed’ Taylor Swift banner and instead, the Kings trolled right back

The Los Angeles Kings tweeted a photo of the Taylor Swift banner and congratulated the Arizona Coyotes on "putting up their first-ever banner."
Philip Anschutz is the richest person in Colorado, but much of his business operates in Los Angeles.

The ‘reclusive’ billionaire who owns Coachella and part of the LA Lakers is also the richest man in Colorado — here’s how Phil...

Philip Anschutz is the richest person in Colorado and the 27th-largest landowner in the US.

Los Angeles Kings take to Twitter to burn the city of St. Louis after second NFL team moves to LA

The Los Angeles Kings couldn't help taking a shot at St. Louis after the Chargers became the second NFL team to move to LA.