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Lonzo Ball is just the latest athlete to have to cover up his ink as part of the NBA's crackdown on rules regarding the promotion of brands.

Lonzo Ball forced to cover up tattoo due to NBA rules

Lonzo Ball is just the latest athlete to have to cover up his ink as part of the NBA's crackdown on rules regarding the promotion of brands.

Nearly 3 months later, the biggest topic around the NBA is LeBron James’ move to the Lakers and how it’s changed the league

LeBron James' reign in the Eastern Conference is over. Now, teams in the East are talking about their easier path forward, while teams in the West know the conference just got tougher for everyone.

LeBron James needs to make a shift in his playing style to fit the Lakers plans, but there’s still a major question mark

LeBron James has, historically, not played the way his Lakers team wants to. If James isn't willing to play fast, give up the ball, and go in the post, the fit may prove to be as awkward as it looks on paper.

LeBron James is already dominating Lakers practices, and Magic Johnson says there’s an extra benefit to it

LeBron James has caught some of his Lakers teammates off-guard with his skills, whether it's hitting a game-winner in their faces or throwing a no-look pass. But Magic Johnson said, that greatness will rub off on players over time.

Jimmy Butler’s trade demand once again forces NBA teams to face the biggest quandary with star players

Jimmy Butler has reportedly requested a trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves, forcing 29 teams to evaluate the pros and cons of trading for a player who can become a free agent in a year.

LeBron James is so good the NBA world thinks he alone is enough to drag a head-scratching Lakers squad to the playoffs

The Lakers signed LeBron James in free agency, then proceeded in an unusual way, making several signings that confused the NBA world. Despite all of that, several sources around the league think James alone is good enough to get the Lakers to the playoffs.

The Lakers GM explained why they built the roster around LeBron James that puzzled the NBA

Rob Pelinka not only liked certain qualities in players like Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, and JaVale McGee, he wanted to build a team that played differently than the Golden State Warriors.
LeBron James has often shown off his amazing memory and high Basketball IQ, but former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin says that James even knew his opponents' playbook's inside and out.

LeBron James called out one of his new teammates for not wearing Lakers gear made by Nike

LeBron James caught his new teammate Brandon Ingram wearing Adidas on Instagram and called him out accordingly.

Former Cavs GM says 2 major factors are working against the odd team the Lakers built around LeBron James

David Griffin told Bleacher Report that even if the Lakers can survive the brutal Western Conference this season and make the playoffs, they don't have the necessary pieces to allow LeBron James to succeed in the postseason.
LeBron James and the Lakers are a focal point of the NBA schedule.

The NBA is going all-in on the LeBron James Lakers

The NBA released the schedule for the 2018-19 season on Friday, and the LeBron James-led Lakers look to be a focal point of the national TV schedule.