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The Elf Bomb Bomb from Lush.

Lush’s new holiday collection includes everything from candy-cane toothpaste to a shower scrub that looks and smells like cookie dough

Products from the line range in price between $3.25 and $32.95. Pre-wrapped kits will also be available for prices between $10 and $300.
The Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb from Lush.

Lush’s new Halloween collection includes everything from ‘shower slime’ to glow-in-the-dark soap

The range includes 12 limited-edition items, all of which are vegan. They range in price between $6.45 and $49.95.
Lush announced its latest collection on Twitter.

Lush fans are losing it over a new Valentine’s Day bath bomb that looks like the eggplant emoji

The emoji-inspired bath bomb is part of the brand's holiday line, which will be released online on January 7 and in stores on January 11.
Lush is now offering a shower-friendly version of a bath bomb.

Lush is now selling bath bombs that fizz in the shower, and people without a tub are rejoicing

Lush Cosmetics is now selling a shower-friendly version of a bath bomb that fizzes and expands into a cleansing mousse.
The big sleep bath bomb smelled like lavender.

I tried Lush’s ‘jelly bomb’ that coats your bathwater in a thin layer of goop — and my skin has never felt softer

I tried Lush's recently released "jelly bombs," a new line of bath bombs that coat the top layer of bath water with a moisturizing jelly-like goop. Here's the verdict.
Featured in this photo is the Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb.

Lush’s new holiday collection is made to smell like festive food — and items are as cheap as $5

The beauty brand has shared a sneak peek of its new Lush Holiday Range, including a cola-scented bath bomb, cranberry-flavored lip scrub, and more. Here are 22 of the coolest products that are worth trying.

Inside the surreal LUSH factories, where the Willy Wonka of soap is reinventing cosmetics

In a nondescript building in Vancouver, Canada, some of the most obsessed-over cosmetics products are fashioned out of jellies, oils, and powders.