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The exterior of the home.

A paranormal investigator just bought the infamous Los Angeles home where the Charles Manson murders took place 50 years ago

Other than a remodeled kitchen and an added carport, the house's structure looks as it did back when the murders took place.
He bought the house in 2014 for $5.5 million and expanded the estate to 845 acres.

A Mega Millions lottery winner is selling his California mountain estate at a $19 million price cut. Take a look at the massive property, which comes ...

The estate includes a 16,000-square-foot house with a private sauna and a 17-seat movie theater, as well as a buffalo ranch with 45 buffalo.
The six-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom home is selling almost fully furnished.

Wall Street comes to Fort Lauderdale: A Florida mansion with a fully functional stock trading floor just hit the market for $12.99 million. Take a loo...

One Fort Lauderdale mansion takes the concept of a home office to a whole new level with its in-house fully functional trading floor.

Everything you need to know about New York City’s mansion tax — and what it means for the luxury market

The new mansion tax may have booted out a pricey second-home tax, but the ultra-wealthy trying to buy in New York City will still have to pay a fee.
Siasconset Village, Nantucket. Engles' home not pictured.

A couple paid $1.6 million to move their Nantucket mansion away from an eroding bluff, and it’s an increasingly common problem coastal dwellers ...

By 2100, according to The Independent, the homes of 4.7 million Americans may be vulnerable to rising sea levels.
This is the most expensive rental in the Hamptons, according to Out East.

The most expensive rental in the Hamptons is hosting a fundraiser for President Trump. Take a look at the mansion and its outrageous amenities, which ...

The 11.5-acre Hamptons property boasts outrageous amenities including a two-lane bowling alley, a baseball field, and a private spa.
This private island is on the market for $350,000.

3 private islands in Belize just hit the market — and at less than $530,000 a piece, they each cost less than the typical home in NYC and Honolu...

These three private islands in Belize are either completely undeveloped or contain a few structures that need to be renovated.
Pools are as integral to homebuyers in LA as kitchens.

A top Los Angeles real-estate agent says swimming pools aren’t an amenity in wealthy buyers’ eyes — they’re almost as necessar...

According to California-based real-estate agent Jade Mills, a swimming pool is often considered as necessary to a home as a kitchen is.
Actor Matthew Perry has listed his LA penthouse for $35 million.

Matthew Perry just listed his Los Angeles penthouse for $35 million, and it’s the most expensive condo in the city — here’s a look i...

The actor Matthew Perry purchased the LA penthouse in 2017 for $20 million and, over the past two years, transformed the interior.

Bruce Willis’ Turks and Caicos compound just sold at a 20% price cut — and even with the price cut, it’s still the second-most expen...

Bruce Willis' Turks and Caicos estate sits on 9 acres of property and includes an onsite pirate-themed playground. Here's a look inside.