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Milo Yiannopoulos, an alt-right figure who will act as the Straight Pride parade's grand marshal and mascot.

15 of the 25 ‘prospective corporate sponsors’ of the Straight Pride parade are joining Netflix in refusing involvement, and some are threa...

Here is what each of the 25 companies listed as prospective sponsors say about being included on the Straight Pride parade's website.
This map show's the system's current coverage area. Each dot represents a docking station.

Lyft’s Citi Bikes are expanding to the Bronx and other New York City areas after being criticized for serving only rich neighborhoods

The expansion comes amid increased activist demands for more bike lanes in New York City recently, as a spate of traffic deaths rattles the community.

Uber and Lyft rides are down in New York City thanks to a minimum-wage rule that drove up prices. Analysts say it could have been even worse.

Total rides fell in the five boroughs, new data shows, but an analyst says the drop isn't as bad as some had feared.

Lyft broke the law when it failed to tell Chicago about a driver it kicked off its app. A month later he was accused of killing a taxi driver while wo...

Lyft could be fined up to $10,000 for failing to report the driver, who has since been charged with murder.

Lyft just got a step closer to bike-share domination. Here’s why Uber and other competitors should be terrified.

Lyft's exclusive contracts for bike rentals in some of the US's largest cities could be a major tailwind for the ride-hailing giant.

Lyft wants to patent a ‘driver jukebox’ that could let you play music during your ride

Uber, the company's biggest competitor, has had a similar function for more than three years. Lyft might be trying to catch up.

A writer’s surprisingly simple trick for staying safe in a Lyft has gone viral. Here’s what you need to know.

The driver thanked Tiffany Jackson, whose tweet has garnered more than 2,000 retweets, and said he was going to pass along the tips to his sister.
After dropping off passengers at a Broadway play, Johan Nijman, a for-hire driver who runs his own service and also drives for Uber on the side, drives through the West Side of Manhattan.

Uber and Lyft drivers reveal what they wish they knew before signing up to work for the apps

It's easy to sign up and get going, but it takes a lot of effort to make much money on the platform.

Uber and Lyft drivers reveal the things you should never do while taking a ride

Business Insider has spoken with dozens of drivers about their experiences driving for the companies. Here's what they had to say.
Mackenzie Lueck.

Park cameras likely won’t help find missing Utah student Mackenzie Lueck because most of them aren’t real

The Lyft driver who dropped Mackenzie Lueck off told officials that the 23-year-old met with an unidentified person at Salt Lake City's Hatch Park.