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People ride Bird scooters in Santa Monica, California, U.S. July 23, 2018. Picture taken July 23, 2018.

Uber and Lyft have won a key battleground in the electric scooter wars — and it’s a huge blow to the $2 billion startup that created the s...

In an effort to curb the onslaught of electric scooters, the city of Santa Monica, California, is moving to limit the number of companies that can operate dockless vehicles there. A memo reveals that city officials endorsed Lyft and Uber for permits, over dedicated scooter operators Bird and Lime.
Uber car service on the streets of New York

New York City just voted to cap the number of Uber and Lyft drivers and will enforce a minimum wage for drivers

The New York City Council just voted 36-6 to halt Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing services from hiring new drivers for one year (starting 120 days after the bill goes into effect) and will require them to pay drivers a minimum wage.

Civil rights groups are speaking out against New York City’s proposed freeze on Uber and Lyft

Civil rights groups joined Uber and Lyft in opposing proposed legislation to limit the amount of ride-sharing vehicles in New York City.  Some Black and Latino New Yorkers fear racial discrimination by yellow cabs and for-hire vehicles.
Uber car service on the streets of New York

New York City may restrict the number of Uber and Lyft cars allowed to operate in the city

New York City officials announced a plan to cap the number of ride-sharing cars from companies like Uber and Lyft that can operate in the city. The legislation is motivated by increased traffic congestion and driver suicides.

Uber and Lyft are creating more traffic and congestion instead of reducing it, according to a new report

According to a report conducted by transportation analyst Bruce Schaller, ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft are actually making traffic worse rather than reducing it — contrary to the companies' claims.
Footage from a Jason Gargac live-stream.

Uber suspends driver after he secretly livestreamed his passengers

Uber has suspended its driver Jason Gargac after he was found to have secretly livestreamed his passengers on Twitch, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He filmed customers including children, college students, and public figures, including a local TV news reporter.
Millennials spend an average $110 a month on Uber in San Francisco.

Here’s how much millennials spend on Uber and Lyft in major US cities every month

Between Uber and Lyft, millennials are spending upwards of $100 a month on ridesharing services in some cities. Money-managing app Empower surveyed 50,000 users across the US to determine how much millennials pay for Uber and Lyft a month in 29 cities.

Millennials love these popular products — but Trump’s second round of tariffs could make them more expensive for consumers

A second round of tariffs imposed by the White House could impose a 25% tax on products associated with e-cigarette company Juul and e-bike startup Bird.

The number of bike-sharing programs worldwide has doubled since 2014 — and the number of public bikes has increased almost 20-fold

Lyft acquired bike-sharing company Motivate on Monday, just months after competitor Uber acquired bike-sharing company Jump. It's "a natural extension" for the two ride-sharing companies, who currently own a very small share of a much larger global fleet.

You can get $10 off a Lyft ride this week if you live in New York City — Here’s how

In an effort to discourage drinking and driving during the July 4th holiday, Lyft and the NYC Department of Transportation are offering $10 rides until July 8. Curb and Via are offering discounts as well.