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This YouTube video shows that you have to put the new $2,800 MacBook Pro in a freezer to get it to work properly

Outside the freezer, the new MacBook Pro from Apple with the Intel Core i9 processor gets too hot and performs slower than last year's model, the video shows.

Apple fans are returning their new MacBook Pros that cost a minimum of $2,800 because they can’t reach the advertised speeds

You have to put the new Core i9 MacBook Pro from Apple in a freezer to get its full performance.

Apple is quietly telling repair shops that the new MacBook Pro fixes the keyboard issue that’s driving people crazy

Apple won't confirm whether its new MacBook Pro models address a reliability issue that has spurred lawsuits. But according to a service document distributed to repair centers, the keyboard on the most recent models includes a new rubber membrane that prevents dust from getting inside the key.

The first reviews of Apple’s new MacBook Pro are out — here’s what critics had to say

Apple released new versions of the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros last week, and reviewers generally feel that the new models are quite fast — but most of the new features are internal, performance upgrades. Features like the quieter keyboard aren't as enticing as the performance, reviewers say.

Apple may have secretly fixed the MacBook Pro keyboard that’s driving people crazy

Apple released new laptop models with a "third-generation keyboard" this week, but many of Apple's recent laptop models have a keyboard that many people say can be paralyzed by even a spec of dust. And we still don't know if Apple fixed the keyboard issue.

There are cheaper and better alternatives to the new $700 device Apple is selling that gives more power to Mac laptops

The new Blackmagic device that Apple is selling for $700 to make Mac laptops more powerful looks like a bad deal compared to similar devices that are cheaper and more powerful.

Why Apple’s keyboard update might not be the update fans were looking for

Apple said the new butterfly keyboard is quieter, but it didn't say if it's more reliable than the previous keyboards, which were problematic.

Apple just introduced new leather sleeves for its MacBook Pro laptops — and they start at $180

Apple introduced new MacBook Pro laptops with updates like faster processors, better displays, and "quieter" keyboards. To go with the new laptops, Apple also added new leather sleeves that cost as much as $200.

Apple just launched new MacBook Pro laptops — and they have an updated keyboard

There are several new configurations for both the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. They have updated components and faster Intel chips, but the overall design is unchanged.

It’s safe to buy a new MacBook laptop now that Apple has finally addressed the “butterfly” keyboard problems

Apple's new repair program gives you four years of free coverage if your Mac laptop's butterfly keyboard starts acting up.