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Now is the worst time to buy any MacBook laptop from Apple

They all have glaring problems, like unreliable keyboards, age, and cost.

24 essential tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Mac

From keyboard shortcuts to hidden tools, Apple has packed Macs full of features that will help you work more quickly and easily.

Some Apple laptops have an expanding battery problem — and you may be able to get it replaced for free

Apple's battery replacement program only applies to 13-inch MacBook Pro computers made between October 2016 and October 2017.

Apple fans are raging that the new MacBook Pro has an unreliable keyboard — so I wrote this article with one to show you how bad it can be

Almost every sentence has a typo because of Apple's controversial "butterfly" keyboard design, which many MacBook Pro users say they don't like.
My 2013 MacBook Pro (left) and the 13.5-inch Surface Book 2 with the Surface Pen magnetically attached to its side (right).

I’m a longtime MacBook user and tried Microsoft’s new Surface Book 2 for a week — here’s what I learned

The ubiquity of Google's services plays nicely on Apple's devices, but it makes coexistence with Microsoft's extremely alluring offering almost impossible.

Why I’m not buying the newest and most powerful MacBook Pro anymore

Future-proofing can help you save money, but it can also keep you living in the past.
I bought a 2016 MacBook Pro from Apple's Refurbished Mac store, and it's the best move I made for buying a new computer.

Buying a MacBook Pro from Apple’s Refurbished Mac store was the best decision I made when getting a new computer

From my experience, Apple's Refurbished Mac store is certainly worth a look if you're in the market for a new Apple device.

The best Apple MacBook laptops for every budget

Sometimes, the best options aren't the ones that Apple suggests.

How to play ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ — the most popular game of 2017 — on a Mac

You don't need to install Windows 10 on your Mac to play "PUBG."