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Changing your Mac account's username isn't as straightforward as it sounds.

How to change your account username on a Mac computer, if you bought a pre-owned Mac or otherwise need a name change

You can change your account username on a Mac computer in several steps, but the process isn't as straightforward as it sounds. Here's how to do it.

7 reasons you should buy the standard 13-inch MacBook Pro instead of Apple’s new 8-core monster laptop

You can save over $1,000 by choosing the 13-inch MacBook Pro over the new 15-inch MacBook Pro models.
Apple's newest MacBook Pro is more powerful than ever, with the option to get an eight-core processor for the first time.

Maxing out Apple’s latest MacBook Pro will cost you over $6,500

Apple's newest laptops are super powerful, and have a price tag to go with it.
There are several options available for changing your background image on a Mac.

How to change your desktop background on a Mac computer to any image, in 4 different ways

There are several ways to change your background on a Mac. Here's how to change your Mac's background to any image, through four different methods.
If you want to change the password to your Mac, you can do it in a few ways.

How to change your Mac computer’s password, or reset it if you’ve forgotten it

If you need to change the password on your Mac computer, here's a guide on how to change or reset it (if you've forgotten the original password).
Right click on the files that you've highlighted, then click "Compress Files."

How to make a zip file on your Mac computer, to save some storage space and clear digital clutter

You can zip any kind of files on a Mac to save yourself some storage space. Here's how to zip a file on Mac, and compress many files into a zip file.
Regular system updates keep your Mac running smoothly.

How to manually update your Mac computer (when you’ve been putting off automatic updates)

System updates keep your Mac running smoothly. Here's how to manually update a Mac computer in two ways, if you've been putting off automatic updates.

How to open and use the Terminal app on a Mac computer, with a few basic commands you can use to take control of your operating system

Terminal is a versatile command line system that comes with every Mac computer. Here's how to open Terminal on a Mac, with a few commands you can use.

How to restart your Mac computer in 4 different ways, including when it’s frozen

You should occasionally restart your Mac to help it run more efficiently. Here's how to restart a Mac in 4 different ways, including when it's frozen.
If your Mac isn't working right, try force quitting programs.

How to ‘control+alt+delete’ on a Mac computer, and force quit unresponsive apps

If you're wondering how to do the equivalent of a PC's "control+alt+delete" function on a Mac, here's how you can force quit unresponsive Mac apps.