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AWS DeepRacer

Amazon is releasing a $400 self-driving toy car that you can program yourself – and it’s launching a racing league to test your skills

If you've ever wanted to try to code your own self-driving car, Amazon Web Services and its new AWS DeepRacer toy will give you a chance.
Amazon jobs came down to three questions, as outlined in a 1998 letter from Jeff Bezos.

Why it’s totally unsurprising that Amazon’s recruitment AI was biased against women

Amazon abandoned a project to build a machine learning program for recruitment which engineers found was discriminating against female candidates. AI researcher at Oxford University Dr Sandra Wachter told Business Insider that this was hardly surprising.

This new site wants to make sure the tea you’re drinking is the real thing

Using machine learning, the site hopes to give tea-drinkers worldwide a way to check that their beloved beverages are authentic and safe.
Alice Zhang, co-founder and CEO of drug discovery company Verge Genomics

Meet the 29-year-old who founded a company that’s using technology to find treatments for diseases thought to be incurable

Verge Genomics is using technology to develop new treatments for diseases thought to be incurable such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS.

The Google superstar Apple poached is now in charge of Siri

Apple announced on Tuesday that it combined its machine learning and Siri groups under John Giannandrea, a Google veteran that the iPhone maker poached earlier this year.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Photos show how Facebook can use AI to seamlessly fix closed eyes in selfies

Facebook researchers created an AI algorithm to replace closed eyes in photographs with open ones. The algorithm uses General Adversarial Networks to recreate people's eyes convincingly. It is unclear whether this will be integrated as a feature into Facebook's platform.

21 game-changing announcements Apple made at its biggest conference of the year

While Apple made a ton of announcements in the keynote presentation at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, there were several game-changing introductions that deserve to be highlighted.

People are already forming some very strong opinions about Google’s wild new technology that sounds like a real human on the phone

Google Duplex was the talk of Google I/O, the company's annual developer conference that kicked off this week.

Google founder: The beginning of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ is a great way to describe the tech industry today

Alphabet president Sergey Brin started his company's annual Founders Letter with a quote taken from Charles Dickens' famous work "A Tale of Two Cities."