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A former US ambassador to Venezuela lays out what could be ahead for the crisis-ridden country

Business Insider spoke with John Maisto, the former US ambassador to Venezuela, about how the country got where it is and where it might be going.
Local miner Cesar Abac uses a wooden bowl and mercury to pan for gold near at the village of Las Cristinas, southern Bolivar State, Venezuela.

Venezuelans fighting the country’s economic crisis are illegally mining gold to survive

Venezuela's economic crisis has deepened further as its country's citizens grow desperate for even basic products.
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro holds a sign showing the value of a Petro compared with the new Venezuelan currency Bolivar Soberano (Sovereign Bolivar), as he speaks during a meeting with ministers at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela.

10 pictures reveal the huge amounts of cash Venezuelans need to buy everyday things

On Friday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced plans to raise the minimum wage and create a single exchange rate pegged to his government's petro-backed cryptocurrency, which would effectively devalue Venezuelan money by 96%.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reacts during an event that was interrupted, in this still frame taken from video

Venezuela says it has identified the masterminds behind the alleged drone assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan officials have identified the mastermind behind the apparent drone assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro, Attorney General Tarek Williams Saab has said. The announcement comes after officials said they had arrested six suspects in connection to the alleged attack on Saturday.
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro gestures as he speaks during a ceremony to mark the opening of the judicial year at the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) in Caracas, Venezuela February 14, 2018.

Venezuela’s inflation hits more than 40,000% as investors dump its currency ‘like a hot potato’

Venezuela's inflation rate has hit a new high, according to university research, with consumer prices in the crisis-ridden country rising by more than 40,000% annually for the first time on record.

‘Officer coups are often unsuccessful and bloody’: Wall Street weighs in on a military coup taking out Venezuela’s Maduro

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro secured another term as president over the weekend in what was widely seen as a fraudulent election. One research firm thinks he could be overthrown by the military before the end of 2018.
Venezuela's President Maduro holds a 100,000 bolivar note as he speaks during a meeting with ministers

Venezuela’s new 100,000-bolivar note is worth less than $2.50 in US dollars

Venezuela's President has unveiled a new 100,000 note worth just $2.50 in the US. He also plans to eliminate all physical cash in the country

35% GDP collapse: Venezuela’s unprecedented economic slide in numbers

Venezuela's economic crash is bigger, in percentage terms, than the contraction seen in the US during the Great Depression.

17 photos show how intense protests in Venezuela are right now

Dozens of government supporters stormed the legislative halls and attacked opposition leaders on Wednesday.

After a year of isolation, ‘the most miserable country in the world’ is ‘interested in a new beginning’

"The closure of the border has been a total disaster. In fact, things have gotten worse."