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Australia, Malaysia at loggerheads over possible Jerusalem embassy

There is an escalating war of words over the possibility Australia might move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

Goldman CEO says he is ‘personally outraged’ by Malaysia’s 1MDB corruption scandal

Goldman's stock has fallen more than 20 per cent this year.

Malaysia’s Mahathir slams Suu Kyi over Rohingya crisis

Malaysian Prime Min...

Goldman Sachs ‘cheated’ Malaysia over 1MDB: PM Mahathir

Mahathir said "there is evidence that Goldman Sachs has done things that are wrong".

Dr Mahathir: Singapore and Malaysia ‘are like twins’

“I wish to record here our appreciation for the help extended by Singapore during the present currency crisis we had recently... If there is any way we can return the hospitality, we will try to do so.’’

Malaysian PM Mahathir is visiting Singapore this week – here’s what he’ll be doing

An orchid will be named after him and his wife.

Malaysia PM says Japan to consider future financial support

Japan is ready to extend Malaysia support to help overcome its financial problems if the need arises.