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Shakespeare was Anwar’s ‘best companion’ in jail, he says

"I’m a happy man. I can talk about prison, I can joke about it," he said.

Anwar reportedly told Bloomberg he will take over as Malaysia’s Prime Minister around May 2020

He added that there could be other individuals "with ambitions with their own design", but said he considered these "quite irrelevant".

10 cool, crazy, and weird world records Malaysia holds

What's Malaysia the best in the world at?

11 photos of the haze show just why Mahathir is writing to Jokowi about it

Here's everything that's happened around the haze issue so far.

Mahathir says Malaysia may offer another round of Samurai bonds – here’s what they are

Samurai bonds give Malaysia access to Japanese capital.

Malaysia’s 94-year-old Prime Minister goes on 11km cycle

How many 94-year-olds do you know are cycling 11km distances?

Netizens love the new Visit Malaysia 2020 logo, but are now hating on the new slogan

Doesn't make sense? But the tourism minister says: "Those who really understand English will get what the slogan means."