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Malaysia Airlines apologises for 2.5-hour delay that caused the Defence Minister to miss meeting with Mahathir: Report

This comes after the minister called MAS out in an official letter posted on Twitter.

‘I will not go beyond three years’, Mahathir says of PM post, confirming that Anwar will succeed him

This puts his latest projected handover date as 2021 - a year later than the initially agreed 2020.

Lawyer for Malaysian minister implicated in sex video scandal fires back at accuser: ‘We do not respond to such attention-seeking taunts’

Haziq, who alleged that Azmin had engaged in sexual acts with him in a series of leaked videos, challenged the minister to take legal action against him.

Malaysia’s Anwar agrees with Mahathir not to change deputy premier for now

The decision by PM Mahathir could deal a blow to Anwar supporters who have been calling for him to quickly replace his wife as Deputy Prime Minister.

Here’s everything Mahathir did on his 3-day trip to London, including a talk peppered with jokes at Cambridge Union

From attending a Raya open house to visiting a museum, this is everything Malaysia's PM did in London over the weekend.

The aide involved in the gay sex scandal has disappeared from work for four days – and his family doesn’t know where he is

His employer said he would be fired immediately if he did not respond to a HR letter by Friday.

‘One day you may see my picture also like that’: Mahathir says sex tapes of minister are fake and politically motivated

Malaysia's Prime Minister also questioned the intentions of Haziq Aziz, the man who claimed to be the other person in the sex tapes.

A man who works for a government official just confessed to being in a sex video with a Malaysian minister: Here’s what we know

In a series of short videos that made rounds on social media, two men - one resembling the alleged minister - can be seen engaging in intimate acts.

After MACC issue, Mahathir says he’ll decide on key appointments for now – as per the Government’s ‘old idea’

The same day as the his announcement, the Select Committee on Major Public Appointments, said it is looking to meet the PM over “practices on appointments”.