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Manny Gutierrez (Manny MUA) and Kimberly J. Brown.

Watch a beauty YouTuber give leading ‘Halloweentown’ actress Kimberly J. Brown a fall makeover

Manny Gutierrez and Kimberly J. Brown spent much of the video discussing the "Halloweentown" franchise, including what props she kept from the film.
Shane Dawson learned a lot about his worth from Jeffree Star.

Shane Dawson could barely speak after Jeffree Star told him he could have made $200,000 on an Instagram giveaway he did for free

Star has been teaching Dawson about the business of the beauty world while they collaborate on a new "Conspiracy" makeup line together.
A woman's makeup desk decorated with photos of YouTubers crying in apology videos.

A woman decorated her makeup desk with framed screenshots of beauty YouTubers crying in their apology videos

The woman, who goes by Alita007 on Twitter, used song lyrics to suggest that the photos remind her that things aren't "so bad."
Tarte Cosmetics is now celebrating its 19th birthday with sales and promotions.

Tarte is selling surprise bags filled with discounted makeup, and they cost less than $50 each

Tarte is selling a makeup mystery bag for $48, as well as a skin-care set that costs $56. Both are available until midnight.
Shane Dawson's color palette for "Conspiracy" has been revealed.

Shane Dawson gives fans the first glimpse of his makeup palette with Jeffree Star in the latest episode of his 9-part documentary

Some of the colors in Shane Dawson's new makeup palette refer to prominent conspiracy theories, like "Flat Earth," "Chem Trails," and "Just a Theory."
Kylie Jenner shows off a Champagne vending machine located in the Kylie Cosmetics office.

Kylie Jenner’s giant makeup office includes everything from a Champagne vending machine to a bouquet made from money

Kylie Jenner showcased the Kylie Cosmetics office in a YouTube video. She said she shares the space with much of her family.
The Drunk Elephant Precious Cargo Kit is a great value.

21 gift sets and limited-edition beauty products you can get at Sephora this holiday season

From skin care to hair tools to funky makeup, keep reading for 21 great Sephora gifts sets you can during the 2019 holiday season.
A YouTuber prepares to apply eyelash glue above her lips.

Social-media stars are gluing their upper lip to their face for a fuller-looking pout and it’s got to stop

According to dermatologists, the practice could actually be harmful and cause irritation across the face.

My best travel beauty hack combines eyeliner, highlighter, lip liner, and eyebrow filler in one portable pen

Since the Alleyoop Pen Pal holds four beauty products in one, you have fewer products to mentally account for, pack, and make room for.
Jeffree Star has made millions from his make-up business.

Jeffree Star says he made $20 million on one eyeshadow palette in Shane Dawson’s new YouTube series

The beauty mogul told Dawson that he has now "perfected" eyeshadow and he's really proud of what he has created.