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I am on the quest for the perfect makeup remover.

I tried 3 different types of makeup remover wipes and the winner is less than $6

I tried three popular types of makeup remover wipes — Aveeno, Simple, and Neutrogena — to see which was the best for my money.

The best makeup primers you can buy

These are the best makeup primers that you can buy in 2019 to ensure that your makeup sets perfectly.
James Charles stands behind a birthday cake.

James Charles defends his appearance at Kylie Jenner’s party and says videos of him smiling doesn’t mean he is ‘better’

James Charles shared videos on Instagram that showed him at a party hosted by Kylie Jenner days after saying he would take a social-media break.
James Charles posts an Instagram story as he drives to Jenner's party.

James Charles went to Kylie Jenner’s party for her new skin-care line, even after she unfollowed him during the Tati Westbrook drama

During the party, Charles hung out with Kris Jenner, posed in photo booths, and spent time with fellow YouTubers Nikita Dragun and Gabriel Zamora.

The best foundation brushes you can buy

These are the best foundation brushes you can buy to make sure you apply your makeup smoothly and easily.
Tiffany Lynette Davis uses a toy washing machine to clean a beauty sponge.

A beauty YouTuber uses a toy washing machine to clean her makeup brushes — see how it works

Tiffany Lynette Davis shared the video on YouTube, and said that her makeup sponges didn't look "too bad" after washing them in the machine.

3 in 4 Singaporean women wear makeup on a regular basis – and each woman buys 20 eyebrow products a year: Survey

More than half of all the women polled spent an average of S$30 (US$21.80) a month on makeup, with the biggest spender splurging S$3,000 a month on makeup.

The best brow products you can buy from pomades to powders

To maximize and shape your eyebrows, you need the best brow pencil, brow gel, and brow powder you can buy. Here are our top picks.
James Charles is on the left, and Tati Westbrook is on the right.

All the ways beauty YouTubers James Charles and Tati Westbrook have been affected by their explosive public feud

Since the video was posted, Charles has lost nearly three million YouTube subscribers, while Westbrook has gained almost the same amount.

The best blush you can buy

Blush can warm up your skin tone and bring some color to your cheeks. Here are the best ones you can buy from Glossier, Becca, and more.