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A Malaysia Airports worker has died after his vehicle was hit by a landing plane – here’s what we know

He leaves behind a wife and four children, aged one to 13.

Malaysia Airlines is still well-loved by Malaysians – but not quite by Singaporeans and Hong Kongers

Customers of Malaysia Airlines are most likely married men aged 30 to 44, who earn more than RM10,000 a month.

Some local, foreign firms eye Malaysia Airlines, PM says

He said he won't reject the possibility of selling the airlines to interested parties.

Fate of Malaysia Airlines still up in the air, but PM Mahathir says a decision will be made ‘soon’

"It is a very serious matter to shut down the airline," Mahathir said, but added that MAS' fate is up in the air.

Malaysia may have to review Boeing 737 Max orders: Nikkei

Malaysia is reconsidering its agreement to buy the jet for Malaysia Airlines after an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed on Sunday.

Malaysia Airlines failed to break even last year because Malaysians prefer budget airlines, Khazanah managing director says

The Government will now review the airline's financials before deciding on its fate.

Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia are going to promote palm oil on in-flight magazines and airport screens to support the ‘Love MY Palm Oil’ c...

Facts about palm oil nutrition and oil palm planting will be prominently broadcast to travellers via digital info screens in airports, in-flight magazines and entertainment systems.

Malaysia’s Firefly Airlines is suspending all flights into Singapore from Dec 1

Firefly said that authorities have yet to provide a definitive timeline for the delay.

MH370 investigators say controls were likely deliberately manipulated

A report on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was released on Monday.